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In furtherance of the Board of Supervisor’s direction to staff at the 1/30/24 meeting, the County has sent a letter to Native Directions/HomeCA to clarify outstanding questions regarding their grant applications and projects.  That letter is available here.

As of the date of this newsletter, the Department of Health Care Services (DHCS) has declined the County’s request for a meeting to get clarity regarding these projects. Senator Alvarado-Gil's office is still pursuing follow up to ensure the state agencies are responsive to the County's questions / concerns.

Prior updates and Board direction to staff are available in our 4/15/24 newsletter, which is available here:

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The Department of Transportation (DOT) will soon begin installation of lighting at the Deer Valley/Green Valley Road intersection. The developer will be installing lighting for safety rather than a traffic signal, as was discussed at the September 26, 2023, Board of Supervisors (BOS) meeting (see Background below).

Documents for the September 26, 2023 BOS meeting Item 30. 23-1699 are available here:

Video of the BOS discussion is available here:


When the Summerbrook project (now called Oak Haven) was originally approved in 2008, the applicant agreed to install a traffic signal at the Deer Valley/Green Valley Road intersection. Since that time the traffic reports have been updated. As part of the recent up to the traffic study, analysis of the traffic signal warrants was performed which concluded that warrants for signals were not met for existing or future traffic volumes.

As a result of the updated traffic analysis and traffic signal warrants, DOT has indicated that signalization is unnecessary and undesirable. Understanding that the intent of the condition was to improve the performance of the Intersection, other measures were discussed that could be implemented other than signals to enhance the performance or perceived safety of the intersection. In accordance with those discussions, the applicant has agreed to install street lighting at the intersection consisting of pole lights with LED downcast light fixtures (“cobra heads”) complying with County standards. In addition, a funding source will be provided for the cost of electricity and general maintenance of the lighting ensuring there is no financial burden to the County. If future traffic analysis shows that a traffic signal is warranted, the developer will have already paid for the installation of electrical connectivity.

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Burn Permit

Burn permits are required beginning May 1, 2024, in the CAL FIRE Amador-El Dorado Unit. If you have a burn permit for a landscape debris burn, it's important to do the burn in a safe manner. It’s also vital to check with your local air district to confirm that it is a permissive burn day. For burn permits and to learn more, visit

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Ag Ranch Mkt 

Join the Agricultural Commission on May 8th for a discussion on the ranch marketing and winery ordinances.

Farmers, ranchers, neighbors, and members of the public are encouraged to come participate in a discussion about special events on agricultural land.

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El Dorado Ag Access Pass - 2024 (3)


Agricultural Operators Packet & Waiver

Livestock Operators Packet & Waiver

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