Please Take Broadband Survey for Federal Funds, CAL FIRE Suspends Burn Permits, Air District Issues Permit for Biomass Facility

El Dorado County

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Do you get frustrated with your internet connection -- or lack of it -- in El Dorado County?

-- The Feds are giving BILLIONs for investments in Broadband projects.

-- To receive a piece of the pie, CA has to implement a plan that includes survey input from residents.

-- The more input we gather, the more likely we will receive more of that $62 billion pie.

Click here to take the California Digital Equity Online Survey by June 30, 2023:


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Suspended Burning _2023_

CAL FIRE Suspends Burn Permits in Alpine, Amador, El Dorado, Eastern Sacramento, and North-Eastern San Joaquin Counties.

For additional information on how to create Defensible Space, on how to be prepared for wildfires, as well as tips to prevent wildfires, visit

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Air District Issues Permit for
Biomass Facilitybiomass

On June 6, 2023, the EDC Air Quality Management District issued an Authority to Construct Permit to Gold Seal Industries (GSI) for the construction of a portable anhydrous pyrolysis facility that will convert excess forest biomass into a liquid biofuel. The facility will be initially located in the ElDorado National Forest in southern El Dorado County to support the Caldor Fire recovery effort. The initial processing site is located near existing burn piles with available inventory of 80-100,000 tons of biomass. Up to 130 tons of biomass will be processed daily. Approximately 5,000 gallons of B100 Biodiesel fuel will be produced daily.

The GSI system uses electromagnetic induction to thermally decompose biomass in a non-reactive and oxygen free environment. Steam and heat recovered from the process will be used in microturbines and heat exchangers to produce the power to maintain the process temperature of 1,200 – 2,000 ⁰F. This anhydrous pyrolysis process converts the biomass into solid biochar, condensed liquid and synthetic gas (syngas) products. A subsequent Fischer-Tropsch process converts the syngas into a sulfur free biodiesel.

Because the system employs thermal decomposition, rather than burning, in an oxygen free environment no smoke will be created or emitted. The reduction in particulate matter air emissions, as compared to the emissions created from wildfire, will be approximately 3,129 tons per acre. The emission reductions of other pollutants (carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, volatile organic compounds and others) will also be hugely significant. Under the AQMD permit, once the portable facility has converted the excess biomass within a certain area, it can be moved to other areas within the County and continue operations.

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