Chain Store Urgency Ordinance, Cameron Woods, Hotel Tax Allocations, Chili Bar Park, River Aide, Vacancy on Cameron Park Committee, Free Dementia Kits, Planning/Board Workshop

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Supervisor Parlin and Supervisor Turnboo, recommending the Board:

1) Adopt and authorize the Chair to sign Urgency Ordinance 5140, pursuant to California Government Code Section 65858 and 65090, to adopt interim restrictions on the establishment of Formula Businesses pending the study and consideration of zoning and other land use regulations pertaining to such businesses, with the ordinance being in effect for forty-five (45) days from the date of adoption, unless extended by the Board; and

2) Find that the urgency ordinance is exempt from the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) pursuant to State CEQA Guidelines 15308, 15060(c)(2) and 15060(c)(3). (4/5 vote required)

Supervisor Parlin and Turnboo are bringing this item because County residents have expressed their concern that ‘chain’ or ‘formula’ businesses will proliferate throughout the Rural Centers and Rural Regions of the County, which may detract from the unique character of the County by displacing unique local or other small businesses or by introducing standardized, non-unique establishments that will lessen the diversity and community character prized by County residents. If current regulations continue, formulaic businesses could proliferate in the Rural Centers and Rural Regions which would decrease the diversity of offerings to residents and visitors thereby negatively impacting the rural character and authenticity of the Rural Centers and Rural Regions and negatively impacting the quality of life for residents and visitors.

This Ordinance is being proposed for the Rural Centers in El Dorado County, which include: Camino, Cedar Grove, Coloma, Cool, Fairplay, Garden Valley, Greenwood, Georgetown, Grey’s Corner, Grizzly Flat, Kelsey, Kyburz, Latrobe, Little Norway, Lotus, Mosquito, Mount Ralson, Mr. Aukum, Nashville, Oak Hill, Phillips, Pilot Hill, Pleasant Valley, Pollock Pines, Quintette, Rescue, Somerset, Strawberry, and Chrome Ridge.

The County has received an application for a formula business (Dollar General, Somerset in District 2) which necessitates the adoption of the urgency ordinance because issuing permits or entitlements for formula business establishments could conflict with potential future regulations that may be adopted that will govern such uses. The purpose of this ordinance is to temporarily prohibit the establishment of formula businesses within any zoning districts of the Rural Centers and Rural Regions of El Dorado County pending the study and consideration of permanent regulations governing such formula business establishments.

A Formula Business Ordinance has been in the works for several months and Supervisor Parlin had planned on implementing it as part of the 2021 Work Plan. However, the recent applications for chain stores in our rural areas has caused the need for the urgency ordinance. The urgency ordinance will not apply to the Dollar General in Cool because that application is deemed complete, whereas the application in Somerset has not been deemed complete.

The agenda details and documents for File #21-0378 are available here:

Please email the Clerk of the Board at and let us know if you support the proposed Ordinance to restrict Formula Businesses (Chain Stores) in Rural Centers. The Clerk will forward your email to all 5 Supervisors and add it to the public record. Do not email information that you do not want in the public record.

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 Cameron Woods

Supervisor Parlin is recommending that Board of Supervisors provide direction to staff to initiate a General Plan Amendment and Rezone of subject parcels 083-465-029, 083-465-030, 083-465-031, 083-465-027 and 083-465-028 changing the Land Use designation from Multifamily Residential (MFR)to High-Density Residential (HDR) as approved in the October 17, 1995 Ordinance 4391, and Rezone the subject parcels from Multi-unit Residential (RM) to Single-unit Residential (R1) so that the proposed Land Use designation and Zoning are consistent, as was intended in the December 15, 2015 Targeted General Plan Amendment/Zoning Ordinance Update (TGPA/ZOU).

Residents from the Cameron Woods neighborhood have claimed that 5 parcels at the corner of Mira Loma Drive and Perlett Drive were inadvertently rezoned to RM Zoning with the approval of the TGPA/ZOU in Resolution 195-2015 on December 15, 2015. The TGPA/ZOU rezone stemmed from the MFR Land Use designation on the parcels, however the Land Use designation was intended to have been changed to HDR per Ordinance 4391 which was approved by the Board of Supervisors on October 17, 1995. At this time 4 of the 5 subject parcels are developed with single-family homes. As such, residents are asking the County to implement Ordinance 4391 and correct the Land Use designation of the 5 subject parcels to HDR as approved in Ordinance 4391, and also reverse the TGPA/ZOU rezone of MFRto R1.

The agenda details and documents for File #21-0199 are available here:

Email your comments to the Clerk of the Board at The Clerk will forward your email to all 5 Supervisors and add it to the public record. Do not email information that you do not want in the public record.

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Hotel Tax Allocation


Chief Administrative Office and the Department of Planning and Building, Economic Development Division, recommending the Board provide direction on the use of Transient Occupancy Tax (TOT) funding for Fiscal Year 2021-22 Budget. The TOT, or Hotel/Motel Occupancy Tax, is imposed on the daily rental price of a room in a lodging facility, including vacation home rentals, when used by visitors staying in the unincorporated portions of El Dorado County for 30 days or less. Neither the tax code nor El Dorado County ordinance require any specific use of TOT funds.

In 2019, the Board approved new policy stating the following: “Transient Occupancy Tax revenue shall be directed toward the impact of tourism and economic development, with consideration for support of tourism and promotion activities within the County and for continued support for grant fund allocations to support Veteran programs within the County.”

TOT Table

The agenda details and documents for File #21-0349 are available here:

Email your comments to the Clerk of the Board at The Clerk will forward your email to all 5 Supervisors and add it to the public record. Do not email information that you do not want in the public record.


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 Chilibar Open house

Concept plans will be posted online at prior to the Open House

Contact Vickie Sanders, Parks Manager, El Dorado County
(530) 621-5360 •

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El Dorado County Employment Opportunity - River Aide
river aid

 The County of El Dorado is recruiting applicants for River Aide - Extra Help. This recruitment will establish a list for the purpose of filling current and future extra help vacancies for at least three (3) months.

We currently have the following vacancies:

Four (4) extra help vacancies in the Chief Administrative Office, Parks Division located in Placerville, CA. Extra help vacancies are made to maintain adequate coverage of work for short periods of time at frequent intervals, where employment is of a recurrent nature depending on the needs of the Agency; work may be seasonal, on-call, and/or for a limited duration.

Closing 3/16/2021

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Posted 2/28/21
Two vacancies exist on the Cameron Park Design Review Committee, one for a resident member and one for a business/resident.

More information here:

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Free Dementia Kits at Libraries

Health and Wellness Dementia Kits are free and available through all EDC Libraries. To reserve your kit, go to:

Health and Wellness Dementia Kits vary by the caregiver's needs. Themes include:

Caregiver Support
Beginning to Middle Stage
Middle to Late Stage
Late Stage
Memory Lane, 1940s
Memory Lane, 1950s
Memory Lane, 1960s

All Kits have hands on materials and resources for the Caregivers to engage the family member. For more information, contact your local library.

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This joint informational workshop for the Board of Supervisors and Planning Commission is being hosted by the Planning Division and County Counsel. The workshop will include presentations by the Deputy Director of Planning, Deputy County Counsel, and Ascent Environmental, Inc. The workshop will include a general overview of the County’s Planning processes related to ministerial and discretionary project processing and procedures, and cover various CEQA related topics including an overview on the Environmental Impact Report (EIR) process, relationship with the General Plan, Tribal Consultation process, and relevant CEQA case laws. No formal action will be taken.

Agenda and participation information is found here.

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