2/12 Capitol Corridor Train Cancellations: 525, 540, & 549

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Service Advisory from Capitol Corridor

February 12, 2024

Due to equipment issues, the following trains are cancelled today: Westbound trains 525 and 549, and Eastbound train 540

Passengers that planned to take Train 549 will be re-accommodated to Train 551 and those that planned to take 540 will be re-accommodated to Train 542.

If the re-accommodations stated above do not work with your schedule, you can choose a different train to board to reach your destination. As a friendly reminder, Capitol Corridor is an unreserved service with flexible ticket options. This means that your ticket is valid for travel up to a year from the original travel date and allows you to change travel dates and or trains using your original ticket. No ticket changes are required.

We apologize for any inconvenience you may experience. 

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