AMP: Statement on PG&E Planned Outages

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AMP Statement on PG&E's Planned Power Outages

The state of California is taking unprecedented measures to protect all California residents and businesses from the risk of wildfire.

PG&E's planned power outages to reduce the risk of wildfire may have broader implications on the electric grid.

While Alameda Municipal Power (AMP) does not expect to have planned power shutdowns at this time, it uses PG&E’s transmission system and could potentially be impacted.

AMP will post

PG&E has not finalized the details of how its planned shutdowns could impact AMP and other community-owned electric utilities.

AMP will continue to discuss with PG&E the potential impacts to Alameda and will post any information on impacts on AMP's website and on AMP's Facebook and Twitter pages. 

In the meantime, click here for some ways to prepare for outages.