Climate Action and Resiliency Plan 2023 Annual Report

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Climate Action and Resiliency Plan 2023 Annual Report

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The draft Climate Action and Resiliency Plan (CARP) 2023 Annual Report and 2024 Work Plan is now available online!

CARP annual reports are presented each year to update Alamedans on significant accomplishments for climate action and adaptation over the previous year and identify work plan priorities for the coming year. The annual report also serves as the annual report for the Climate Adaptation and Hazard Mitigation Plan, as required by FEMA.

In 2024, CARP will undergo a mid-cycle update with a new greenhouse gas inventory, updates to the plan goals, strategies,​ and detailed implementation plans for the next phase of the City's climate work from 2025 - 2030.

Top 10 CARP Accomplishments in 2023

Seaplane EV Chargers
  1. City Council approved updating the City’s Zero Waste Implementation Plan and a mid-cycle update of CARP.
  2. Began implementation of the Equitable Building Decarbonization Plan.
  3. Installed 10 new charging ports at Seaplane Lagoon Ferry Terminal. 
  4. Began development of an Urban Forest Plan.
  5. Added drought tolerant landscaping at City Hall and City Hall West.
  6. Began enforcement of the Disposable Food Ware Ordinance following a pause during the pandemic.
  7. OKAPI Reusables launched a reusable cup network in cafes across the city with the help of Community Action for a Sustainable Alameda (CASA).
  8. Opened a Compost Hub in collaboration with Farm2Market and Makerfarm on Alameda Point where members of the community can collect compost free of charge.
  9. Kicked off three sea level rise adaptation projects with the Oakland Alameda Adaptation Committee.
  10. Began development of De-Pave Park Master Plan.

Key CARP Statistics

bike lane
  • Alameda completed 2.7 new miles of new bike ways in 2023. Alameda’s bicycle network now consists of 57 miles of bike ways.
  • 6.8% of all vehicles registered in Alameda are electric, plug-in hybrid or fuel cell vehicles, up from 5.2% in 2022.
  • 29.6% of Alameda households are heated with electricity, up from 26.8% in 2019.
  • AMP issued rebates for 28 heat pump water heaters, 28 electric dyers, 44 heat pump space heaters, 31 electric panel upgrades, 61 used EVs and 116 e-bike rebates in 2023. Get your rebate today!
  • Alamedans generated 2.1 pounds of waste per person per day in 2022, down from 2.4 pounds in 2019.
  • The City of Alameda applied 2,173 cubic yards of compost in parks and open spaces in 2023.

2024 CARP Priorities

Staff have identified the following priorities for CARP implementation in 2024. These priories align with the City's Strategic Plan adopted in 2023.

  1. Complete GHG Inventory and Update CARP
  2. Complete the Urban Forest Plan
  3. Expand publicly available EV charging network
  4. Continue to implement the Equitable Building Decarbonization Plan
  5. Continue to implement SB 1383 and increase compost application citywide
  6. Update Zero Waste Implementation Plan
  7. Continue priority sea level rise adaptation projects
  8. Complete De-Pave Park Master Plan

Upcoming Public Meetings

The CARP Annual Report will be presented at the following upcoming public meetings:

  • February 26, 7 p.m. – Planning Board
  • February 28, 6:30 p.m. – Transportation Commission
  • March 12, 6:00 p.m. – Public Utilities Board
  • March 19, 7 p.m. – City Council

Meeting agendas can be found here.

What Can Individuals Do to Fight Climate Change?

The City of Alameda cannot avert climate change on its own. Meeting Community members can do their part too! Even small changes can make a big difference.

10 Ways to Fight Climate Change

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