Vision Zero Update: Walk & Roll to School 10/3, sun glare, golf carts, Orion St, and more

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Alameda Street Safety News

Important updates about street safety in Alameda:

Tomorrow: Watch for Kids on Walk & Roll to School Day

Wednesday, October 4, is International Walk & Roll to School Day! Many schools throughout Alameda will be celebrating this event, including kids and families that are trying a new, active route for the first time. Please be extra careful on the streets! This event is supported by the Alameda County Safe Routes to School program.

Tips for Dealing with Sun Glare

Daylight Saving Time ends on November 5. Until then, the sun on the horizon can be extra bright during morning commute hours. If driving, make sure your windshield is clean, reduce your speed (especially around intersections), and, if possible, adjust your travel plans to avoid sun glare. If you really can't see, safely pull over until you can -- otherwise you risk hitting a person walking across the street.

Sun low on the horizon, casting bright bars of sunlight over Shore Line Dr

Shore Line Dr, 7:30 am, Sept 28, 2023

What's the Latest for Traffic Safety Projects?

Wondering when traffic safety projects are slated for construction, when the estuary water shuttle will begin, or about the status of other transportation projects?

Read the August 2023 Status Report on Transportation: Report and Presentation

New speed humps coming to Orion Street

This week contractors will install two sets of speed cushions and new signs along Orion Street between Corpus Christi Road and Pearl Harbor Road to slow traffic speeds and improve safety for people walking, bicycling, and driving. The City bought these speed cushions using COVID-related grant funds, and they will increase safety for Alameda Point Collaborative and other nearby residents. City staff plan to work on citywide speed hump placement guidelines next year. Once the cushions are in place on Orion St, the Slow Streets barricades will be removed there. More information is on the Slow Streets webpage.

Image of rubberized speed cushions on a street

Similar speed cushions on Bayview Dr

Consider a Low-Speed Vehicle or Golf Cart

Did you know that a properly equipped golf cart can be driven legally on most Alameda streets? Golf carts, low-speed vehicles (LEVs), and neighborhood electric vehicles (NEVs) are significantly slower and lighter than regular cars, and therefore less likely to injure the people walking, biking, and driving around them. To be legal on streets, they must be registered and have equipment like a headlamp, tail lamp, turn signals, and more. They are not allowed on our bike lanes or walking/biking paths, unless they are golf carts in the golf course area. Please consult the CA DMV for more information before you hit the streets in your new vehicle.

If you're interested in electric vehicles and e-bikes in general (not just NEVs), consider joining Alameda Municipal Power at the EV Expo and Espresso event this Sunday, October 8.

Open-sided, 4-seat, yellow and white neighborhood electric vehicle

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