Defining a Strategy for Ferry Terminal Parking Pricing – Join the 12/7 Discussion

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12/7: Ferry Terminal Parking Pricing Proposal

For years, Alameda policy has called for paid parking at ferry terminals to ensure open parking spaces for people taking later ferries, and to encourage people to bike, walk, or ride the bus to the ferry. The City put this project on pause during the pandemic, but now ferry ridership is increasing and parking lots are getting fuller.

On December 7, the Transportation Commission will consider endorsing a strategy that would start with a $3/day rate at the Seaplane Lagoon and Harbor Bay Ferry Terminals in spring 2023. Then, at limited intervals (on a quarterly basis at most), the rate would rise by $1/day if the lot gets overfull, and reduce again if the lot is too empty. Revenues would help pay for parking lot maintenance and management, among other parking program needs.

Ferry riders would be able to use mobile payment to pay after boarding the ferry, or use pay stations in the lot. The City would also implement a needs-based low-income parking pass program if feasible. After Transportation Commission review, the City Council will hear this item, likely early next year.

Read the proposed Ferry Terminal Pricing Strategy

Transportation Commission Special Meeting (AGENDA)

Harbor Bay ferry terminal building

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