Parking citation warnings end today + new parking mailing list

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Parking Warnings End Today + Join the Mailing List

Alameda launched its new Parking Enforcement Service on May 23, but for the first two weeks we only issued warnings in the Webster St and Park St areas. After this grace period, we will begin issuing regular citations today. The City aims to manage parking so that spaces are open for visitors, there is less circling and double-parking, crosswalks and sidewalks are clear, and more. This first bulletin to Alameda’s new auto parking mailing list contains the following:

Three Weeks of Public Outreach

Today’s parking citations arrive after three weeks of public outreach that included the two weeks of warning citations in our busy downtown areas. With the goal of minimizing surprises, the City worked with area business associations to distribute flyers and postcards for visitors and employees. Thank you, WABA and DABA! We also issued a press release, posted on social media, and included information in bulletins to popular City mailing lists like Transportation, Recreation & Parks, Mastick Senior Center, and the Library. In addition, area organizations shared the information with their memberships.

Headline of flyer: NEW parking enforcement service starts May 23

New Parking FAQs

Have you read the new parking FAQs? On May 23 the City published a new webpage that functions as a “one stop shop” for all parking-related information, including parking citations, parking in the Park and Webster Street areas, ferry parking, and parking FAQs, as well as quick access to street sweeping and EV charging information. Let us know if you’d like a new FAQ question!

New webpage:

Read the FAQs and submit your question

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Join the New Auto Parking Mailing List

If you want to hear updates about Alameda’s parking and curb management program, sign up for the auto parking mailing list. Today’s bulletin is going to the Commercial Streets and general transportation interest mailing lists in addition to the parking list, but future mailings will be more focused. Bulletin topics this year will include details about new short-term parking, loading zones, and disability parking in our commercial areas; ferry terminal parking pricing planning; and new public EV charging stations.

Join the Mailing List

Avoid a Parking Citation

Want to know how you can avoid a parking citation? The City of Alameda encourages visitors to do the following:

  • Always check signs, curb paint, and parking meters, even if there’s a parklet between the parking space and the curb.
  • Pay at the meter 9:00am - 6:00pm Monday - Saturday, except posted holidays.
  • Do not overstay posted time limits.
  • Never double-park, park in a red zone, or block a sidewalk or crosswalk. These cause safety hazards.
  • In the Park Street area, avoid circling for parking by going straight to the Civic Center Parking Structure at 1416 Oak Street. Parking here is cheaper and more plentiful than on the street.
  • Bike, walk, or take transit.

For more tips, see the How to Park Legally webpage.

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