Updates from District 4 Supervisor Nate Miley: August 28th - September 10th, 2021

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August 28, 2021 - September 10, 2021

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Need a Covid Test or Vaccine? Support with childcare or food?

Alameda County  frequently updates this COVID19 Testing, Food, and Social Services interactive map.

Alameda County COVID19 Testing, Food Distribution, and Social Services Map

COVID Updates From Health Care Services Agency

Overall, the summer COVID surge is improving. Our daily case rate is down from one month ago and case rates are now improving in all age groups. Test positivity is declining and hospitalizations have improved. More importantly, we have not observed substantial numbers of hospitalizations in children. This comes at a time when testing rates have reached an all time peak of nearly 14,000 per day although it saddens us to note that most new Alameda County cases are among unvaccinated residents. Vaccination remains a critical protection against COVID and we now have more than one million County residents who are fully vaccinated, accounting for nearly 76% of our eligible population over the age of 12.

As we move through the summer surge, we’re working with education partners to support the return to in-person education for our County’s children.  Our Schools Team is supporting school districts with implementing State guidance for safety protocols, and we’re working with the County Office of Education to support engagement with school communities and to plan vaccine clinics. Questions about specific protocols should be directed to individual school districts since they know their school community’s characteristics best. Until vaccines are available for children under the age of 12, our best defense is a multi-layered prevention strategy including universal indoor masking at schools, appropriate testing, keeping sick children and staff at home, and maximizing ventilation.

Our local resources remain prioritized for neighborhoods with disproportionately high case rates and low vaccination rates. We are grateful for the providers and partners engaged in pandemic response noting together, we make a difference.

Immunocompromised Residents Can Schedule a Third Dose

Immunocompromised residents can begin scheduling a third vaccine dose. Third doses are authorized for moderately to severely immunocompromised people who have received 2 doses of Moderna or Pfizer (mRNA vaccines).  Immunocompromised individuals are encouraged to speak with their health care provider before getting the third dose, and they must sign a self-attestation indicating that they qualify. The attestation form can be signed electronically when making an appointment.  Individuals must wait 28 days or more after their second dose and must register for the same vaccine (e.g., two doses of Moderna must be followed by a third dose of Moderna). 

The FDA and CDC have not yet authorized or recommended boosters or additional doses for anyone other than those who have immunocompromising conditions.  We will follow the science and await federal and state public health guidance before we administer boosters.  In the meantime, Alameda County-supported vaccination clinics will continue focusing on eligible residents who are not vaccinated or not fully vaccinated. If boosters are authorized and recommended for the general public, Alameda County will prioritize people at highest risk for severe illness or exposure.

To read the full Health Care Services newsletter please visit: https://covid-19.acgov.org/response.page?.

Register Now For The Healthy Living Festival!

Started in 2006 as a modest community event at Lake Merritt to encourage fun and healthy physical activity for seniors, the Healthy Living Festival has grown into a can't miss occasion for advocates, healthcare providers, local community centers, political leaders, and of course Alameda County seniors and those who love them!

For many, getting vaccinated, tested, and staying social in a safe way has been a challenge. In response, this year's Healthy Living Festival - held on September 30th from 9am-1pm - will be a drive thru event that makes getting a Covid test or vaccine easy, provides a healthy meal and swag bag to those who register, and gives us all a chance to gather together while following safe protocol. Our lives and the lives of those we love are worth it!

Register online here

For questions about registration or to receive a form via email, please contact Austin Bruckner at austin.bruckner@acgov.org or call 510.272.6694.

For more information about the Healthy Living Festival event, please contact United Seniors of Oakland and Alameda County at 510.729.0852.

The City Of Fremont Aids Afghan Refugee Community

afghan refugee assistance

The City of Fremont’s Human Services Department is raising money to provide direct assistance to Afghan refugees who are arriving to the Tri-City area from Afghanistan. 

 Fremont is home to one of the largest Afghan communities in the Country and many residents and businesses have asked how they can help. The Afghan Refugee Help fund will be managed by the City's Human Services Department, which will work with local Afghan partner organizations to determine the priorities and needs of those new arrivals to our Country. Funds will be used for housing, food, clothing, and other items or services to assist refugees expected to arrive in our area. 

Fremont’s community has a strong track record of coming together in times of need, and we appreciate the support - no donation is too small. Find more ways to help and how to donate to the fund here.

Combat Illegal Dumping in Alameda County: Recycle Fluorescent Lights

From our Partners at the Product Stewardship Institute

Fluorescent Lights Burnt Out? Here’s What to Do with Them!

By Suna Bayrakal and Jessica L. Atkinson

Even if the compact fluorescent lights (CFLs) you use are more efficient, they don’t last forever, and neither do other fluorescent lights. So, what should you and your tenants do when you’re done with them? First things first: don’t throw them in the trash!

Fluorescent lights contain mercury, a potent toxin that’s dangerous for residents, workers, public health, and the environment. That’s why it’s illegal in California to dispose of them in the trash. Mercury can harm the brain, heart, and immune and nervous systems — and contaminate drinking water, fish, soil, and air. High-intensity discharge, metal halide, sodium, and neon lights also contain mercury.

COLLECTION LOCATIONS in and around District 4: Instead of trashing unwanted lights, recycle small numbers of lights for free at residential take-back partners in your area -- find the closest location here and below:

· For these three sites, an appointment is needed. Call 800-606-6606 or go online (residents, businesses)

o Oakland HHW Facility, 2100 E. 7th St., Oakland, CA

o Hayward HHW Facility, 2091 W. Winton Ave., Hayward, CA

o Livermore HHW Facility, 5584 La Ribera St., Livermore, CA

  • Fremont HHW Facility, 41149 Boyce Road, Fremont, CA
  • Laurel Ace, 4024 MacArthur Ave., Oakland, CA, 510-530-1966
  • Pete's Ace Hardware, 2569 Castro Valley Blvd., Castro Valley, CA, 510-581-7633
  • Grand Lake Ace Hardware, 1221 Grand Ave., Piedmont, CA, 510-652-1936
  • Home Depot, 1933 Davis St., San Leandro, CA , 510-636-9600


· Residents should store and transport their spent lights in a closed container and in a way that prevents breakage.

· Property managers, property owners, and other businesses should:

  • Store removed lights in a closed, dated, and labeled box or cushioned drum.
  • Recycle lights yearly, at a minimum.
  • See the CalRecycle website for more information on safely managing larger quantities of fluorescent lights.

If a fluorescent light breaks, open a window to disperse mercury vapor, collect the shards, place in a closed container. Do not vacuum! See EPA guidance at epa.gov/cfl.

Once you drop off your lights at the collection site, the glass is recycled or landfilled, metal is recycled, and most mercury is stored or safely disposed.

Are you or your tenants using LED lights? They don’t contain mercury, but they do contain other toxic metals — so recycle or dispose of them safely too!

FREE RESOURCES: Learn more and look up a recycling/collection site near you. You can also download and use free resources from the same site, such as:

  • · Fact sheets and signage for residents, property managers, property owners, businesses, and workers in English, Spanish, and Chinese.
  • · A how-to guide for lights recycling, along with educational materials and guidance on how to spread the word.
  • · A webinar that explores problems, potential solutions, and best practices for managing spent lamps, including addressing unique challenges faced by low-income and marginalized communities.

Together, we can protect human health and the environment — by recycling fluorescent lights! To safely manage other unwanted products — paint, carpet, mattresses, pharmaceutical drugs and sharps, and mercury thermostats — for free, visit CalRecycle here.

People's Health Briefing With Dr. Noha Aboelata


Don't miss the latest installment of The People's Health Briefing. In it, Roots Community Health Center CEO and founder Dr. Noha Aboelata breaks down the impact of COVID19 on Alameda County, Oakland and East Oakland in particular.

In this week’s episode, Dr. Noha covers What To Do if You Catch COVID, information on supplements or other ways to protect yourself from catching it, and a brief overview of Ivermectin.

View all installments of "The People's Health Briefing" here in the "All Videos" section.

Exercise Your Right to Be Heard!

BOS 2021

Most Tuesdays, the Board of Supervisors holds a Regular Meeting during which the public is allowed to speak to the Board on agenda items representing decisions made about our communities.

While we might not always agree on the best path forward, I am fond of saying that reasonable people will disagree, and that I get some of my best ideas from my constituency base. I am honored to serve on the Board as a County Supervisor and take the ideas, concerns, and feedback of the public very seriously.

Please consider tuning into these meeting and encouraging your family, friends, and neighbors to do the same. We are stronger as a County when we are connected to one another, and engaged with the civic process.

The meeting calendar, including links to the agenda when it is available, can be found here.

The links to the livestream broadcast of the meetings can be found here.