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The City of Fremont’s Human Services Department is raising money to provide direct assistance to Afghan refugees who are arriving to the Tri-City area (Fremont, Newark and Union City) from Afghanistan. 

Fremont is home to one of the largest Afghan communities in the Country and many residents and businesses have asked how they can help. The Afghan Refugee Help fund will be managed by the City's Human Services Department, which will work with local Afghan partner organizations to determine the priorities and needs of those new arrivals to our Country. Funds will be used for housing, food, clothing, and other items or services to assist refugees expected to arrive in our area. 

Fremont’s community has a strong track record of coming together in times of need, and we appreciate the support - no donation is too small. 

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To make a donation by check, make check out to City of Fremont, with AR Help noted in the memo, and mail to City of Fremont Human Services Department, P.O. Box 5006, Fremont, CA 94537-5006. 

If you have questions about other ways to make financial contributions to the Afghan Refugee Help fund, contact Paula Manczuk-Hannay, Development Officer, via email or call 510-574-2049.


Afghan Coalition is a Community-based organization organized by active Afghan community members and their goal is to help support and provide services for Afghan and other immigrants in this area. 

The Afghan Wellness Project has been advocating for the need for mental health services for the Afghan community, particularly refugees and those who have recently arrived in the U.S. 

  • 95% of clients are below the poverty line

  • 87% of Afghan women in Afghanistan suffer from Domestic Violence.

  • Unfortunately, Domestic Violence does not stop when they come to the U.S. 

  • 45% of Afghans in the Bay Area suffer from PTSD.

The Afghan Coalition provides a variety of different services in the community. Some of those services are, Cultural counseling, assistance with Social Services, job-hunting, and translation. Other services include:

  • Mental health for adults 
  • Domestic Violence for families 
  • Keep Fremont House
  • English Literacy Classes
  • Cal-Fresh Enrollment 
  • Social Service 
  • Micro-enterprise project 

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Help Afghan Families.

Instability in Afghanistan is putting the lives of thousands of civilians at risk. Donate now to help the IRC support Afghan families and people in crisis worldwide.

Humanitarian organizations like the International Rescue Committee (IRC) are committed to remaining in Afghanistan and continuing to deliver aid to Afghans in crisis. It is vital world leaders do the same, as well as fill gaps in humanitarian funding. The United States in particular must lead the way in providing critical aid, as well as rally others to join the response.

Donations from individuals, companies and foundations are critical to meet the needs of those affected by the crisis in Afghanistan. The IRC is appealing for much-needed funds to ensure our teams can continue to deliver lifesaving aid in conflict areas, as well as to provide emergency cash assistance and protection services for internally displaced people in Kabul.

Donate now to help the IRC support Afghans in crisis.


While the number of refugees coming into the country decreased during the previous administration and due to the pandemic, they still have continued to welcome newcomers to the East Bay and expect that numbers will soon be increasing.

The majority of the refugees we work with are Afghans who served as translators or provided support services for U.S. personnel in Afghanistan. Due to their cooperation with the United States, former translators and their families are now being targeted by the Taliban and other fundamentalists. Because they arrive having recently been in grave danger, these families are highly traumatized and need intensive, individualized support from our Dari/Farsi-speaking case managers and psychologist to start their new lives in our community.

Their resettlement program features comprehensive case management, including:

  • pre-migration documentation and assistance
  • assistance with finding initial housing
  • furniture and household goods donations
  • in-depth and ongoing cultural orientation
  • accessing medical and mental health services
  • enrolling clients in ESL classes and vocational support
  • enrolling children in schools
  • linking clients with appropriate local resources
  • matching clients with volunteers and tutors
  • parenting support
  • managing crises or family upheaval
  • mental health support
  • social gatherings and celebrations (virtual during shelter-in-place)

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VOLUNTEER: Please fill out our Community Sponsorship Groups form. These groups of 4 to 6 volunteers will assist our case managers with tasks such as airport pickups, signing up refugees for their social services benefits, helping register children for school, providing ESL language support, and other related needs.

DONATE: Your financial donations are needed now more than ever to ensure we have the proper staffing to support new refugees. Please click here to make a donation to JFCS East Bay.

SUPPORT: Please consider purchasing something from our Amazon Wish List. These items are shipped to our office in Concord and put directly into the hands of refugees.



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