Aug. 27 PCFYI: Averting crises, adding testing and good news for bird nerds

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Newsletter 2

Aug. 27, 2021 - Vol. 6, No. 16

CIT training

Crisis Intervention Training helps officers rediscover soft skills of policing

On the last Friday in July, Pima County Sheriff’s Deputy Curtis Greenman prevented two people from jumping off bridges; coaxed an inebriated woman off a bar’s counter; got help for a teenager who was having her first schizophrenic episode; assisted another woman who was distraught on the anniversary of her daughter’s death; called in medics for an elderly woman who was bleeding and wandering through an empty lot; found housing for a man living under a bridge; calmed a woman who was off her medications and yelling incoherently in a parking lot; and, finally, broke up a profanity-laced dispute regarding a cellphone at a pawnshop.

Thankfully, none of these incidents were real. They were role-play scenarios acted out by local mental-health-crisis experts as part of a weeklong program that aims to train Greenman and dozens of other Southern Arizona law officers how to respond to incidents where people might be having mental breakdowns.


Abrams Building

County adding COVID testing sites

Increased spread of COVID-19 has led to increased demand for testing. Pima County has responded by adding new free testing options, an additional test location, expanded hours, and a new method for testing.

Beginning Monday, Aug.30, saliva testing will be available seven days per week at the Ellie Towne Flowing Wells Community Center at 1660 W. Ruthraff Road. And beginning Saturday, Aug. 28, antigen (rapid result) testing services will be available five days per week at the Abrams Public Health Center, 3950 S. Country Club Road.


teacher video

Help us keep students safe and schools open

A teacher shares how important it is to keep sick kids home from school so in-person learning can continue. The best way to keep schools open and everyone safe and healthy is to get vaccinated.

The County offers numerous mobile and standing sites where anyone eligible to be vaccinated can get the vaccine. Find them at



These Wastewater Reclamation facilities are for the birds

More water and desert birds are finding homes in Green Valley and Avra Valley as we move into September, particularly at Pima County’s Wastewater Reclamation facilities, allowing visitors to the ponds to spot common and rare Sonoran Desert birds to expand their “life lists” — a compilation of every species seen in a birder’s life.


Search and rescue copter

Hats off to all who helped with swiftwater rescues during monsoon

The 2021 monsoon has been monumental, delivering nearly 12 inches of rain to the Tucson region with a month of the monsoon remaining. Not only have the seasonal storms dropped record amounts of rain, but the associated flooding has also kept regional first responders busy.

As of July, local fire departments have responded to 98 calls for swift-water rescues and vehicles stranded in waterways, according to information from Tucson Fire Department. Pima County Sheriff’s Department has responded to many of those calls, including a call requiring the PCSD helicopter to rescue a kayaker from raging floodwaters.


globe logo

Library offers chances to help refugees

Pima County Public Library recognizes, welcomes, and celebrates immigrants for their contributions to our shared success. The Library provides free and equitable access to programs and services across its system and within the community.

Find out how the Library's Welcome to America team wants to help partner agencies in supporting refugees, including people who might come to Tucson from Afghanistan.


Fred and Winona

Visit PACC for free pets through Aug. 30

Right now, EVERYTHING IS FREE at Pima Animal Care Center! Yes, even puppies and kittens.

This special offer will be in place until Aug. 30 when a new adoption promotion kicks in. Walk-ins are welcome! A $20 licensing fee may apply.

Weekly specials will be running through Sept. 19.