Your June 11 PCFYI: Vaccine incentives, beating the heat, the methane menace

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Newsletter 2

June 11, 2021 - Vol. 6, No. 11

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County ramps up incentive program
to encourage vaccinations

The variety of locations to get a COVID-19 vaccine makes it easier than ever to get a shot, but we know there are many people who are still hesitant about getting vaccinated. Here's a gentle nudge: As part of a larger national effort, Pima County and its partners are expanding their programs to give Arizona Lottery $2 scratcher tickets for those receiving their first dose. The lottery tickets have a maximum prize of $10,000 and assorted smaller cash prizes, with the overall odds of getting a winning ticket at 1 in 4.

In other news, the County began offering COVID-19 vaccines at its three main health clinics this week. All three brands of the vaccine — Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson & Johnson — are available. The Health Department encourages people to call the offices to make an appointment, but the clinics will take walk-ins during regular business hours. The move to provide vaccinations at the clinics comes as some of the larger vaccinations sites have closed or have plans to do so by the end of the month.


Beat the heat

It's a dry heat,
and dangerous, too

With the first excessive heat advisory from the National Weather Service going into effect this weekend for Pima County, there is no denying that summer is here. With temperatures expected to reach as high as 112 over several days, make sure to take the proper precautions when heading outside and avoid being outdoors, if possible, during the hottest parts of the day.

If you are planning on any outdoor activities this weekend, make sure you have 1-2 liters of water per person for every hour you plan to be out. Wear light-colored, loose clothing and a hat that provides shade. If you don't have a wide-brimmed hat, consider carrying an umbrella to keep cool and protect your skin.


pacc heat

Don't forget to protect Fluffy and Fido

With Pima County's temperatures rising, it's wise to take a moment to think about how to keep your outdoor pets cool as well. The Pima Animal Care Center has come out with tips to help keep your animals safe in the summer heat. Our favorite piece of advice — set up a kiddie pool for your furry friends. PACC also has a list of symptoms to look for if you suspect that your pet may be suffering from heatstroke.


calf sale

Learning the ropes
of ranching at Pima County’s first calf sale

Pima County's Bar V Ranch Education Program is providing hands-on ranching experience to local youths. During the county's first-ever calf sale on June 5, students in 4-H and Future Farmers of America (FFA) were able to take home animals to raise for future competitions. Organizers hope to expand the program to the general public as part of an effort to better educate people about where their food comes from. For more information on the calf sale and the program, please email

The Bar V Ranch is part of County taxpayers' decades-long commitment to land conservation. Click the button below to learn more about the County's conservation lands and ranches and how you can enjoy them.

Green Geek logo

Got questions? Ask Pima County's Green Geek

Methane is increasingly being labeled as a "super pollutant" in regards to climate change. Find out why this greenhouse gas is moving to the forefront of efforts to curb global warming.

Pima County FYI has a monthly column featuring questions and answers on all things green. Our own Green Geek gets assistance on answering your questions from the sustainability experts in Pima County's Office of Sustainability and Conservation. Send your questions to And look for the column the second Friday of each month.


truth in taxation

Truth in taxation hearings
to be held on June 22

All interested citizens of Pima County are invited to attend a virtual public hearing on three proposed tax increases on June  22 at 9 a.m. The hearing will be broadcast from the Board of Supervisors Hearing Room, Pima County Administration Building, 130 W. Congress, First Floor. The proposed tax hikes concern the Library District, the Regional Flood Control District and County’s primary property tax rate. Questions may be directed at the County Administrator's Office at 520-724-8587.


library logo

Hear classic tunes
by LGBTQ+ artists

In celebration of Pride Month, the Pima County Public Library has put together a playlist of some classic albums by LGBTQ+ musicians and allies. The list includes music from artists like Elton John, Barbra Streisand, Ricky Martin, Cyndi Lauper and many more. So take a listen to some old favorites or discover something new.