Chairman Jack Sellers' Statement on May 12 Letter from Senate President Fann

Supervisor Jack Sellers

Statement from Chairman Jack Sellers on May 12 Letter from Senate President Fann

Yesterday I received a letter from the Senate President asking that members of the Board and other Maricopa County subject matter experts come to a meeting and resolve “three serious issues.”  At the same time, the Senate’s audit Twitter account accused County election officials of deleting files off a server before it was delivered. That would be a crime – and it is not true.

I know you have all grown weary of the lies and half-truths six months after the 2020 General Election.  Our Board is tired of it too – especially when those lies turn into threats directed at us and County employees who are public servants doing their job. It is dangerous to spout accusations of this magnitude via a tweet.

After reviewing the letter with County election and IT experts, I can say the allegations are false and ill-informed.  Moreover, the claim that our employees deleted election files and destroyed evidence is outrageous, completely baseless and beneath the dignity of the Arizona Senate. I demand an immediate retraction of any public statements made to the news media and spread via Twitter.

The contractors hired by the Senate President are not auditors and they are not certified by the U.S. Elections Assistance Commission.  It's clearer by the day: the people hired by the Senate are in way over their heads.  This is not funny; this is dangerous.

The Board of Supervisors will hold a public meeting on Monday to refute lies and lay out facts about these issues.