The Brief - July 2018

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Vol. 14, No. 7                                                                         July 2018

New forms in civil cases

The Maricopa County Civil Cover Sheet and the Civil Subpoena forms have been updated with new, required language. Find the new forms online at (cover sheet) and (subpoena).

For future reference, and for additional forms that have been updated, see the Clerk of the Superior Court’s website at and see the Superior Court’s website at

Downtown Phoenix Probate and Mental Health operations moving in July

The Clerk’s Probate filing counter will be moving out of the Old Courthouse in downtown Phoenix the week of July 23, 2018. Probate filings can be handled at the Clerk’s filing counters located in the Central Court Building and at the Clerk’s filing counter inside the Law Library Resource Center in the East Court Building.

Also during the week of July 23, the Superior Court’s downtown Probate/Mental Health Department will be moving from the Old Courthouse (OCH) to the East Court Building (ECB). The Court reports its moving dates and locations as follows:

  • July 25, 2018: Judge Klein moving to ECB 611
  • July 26, 2018: Commissioner Passamonte moving to ECB 513
  • July 26, 2018: Commissioner Schwartz moving to ECB 514
  • July 26, 2018: Commissioner Amy Kalman (taking over Judge LaBianca’s calendar) moving to ECB 512
  • July 27, 2018: Judge Polk moving to ECB 511

Also moving from the OCH to the ECB on July 25, 2018, will be Judges Patti Starr (moving to ECB 613) and Chris Whitten (moving to ECB 612) and Commissioner Sigmund Popko (moving to ECB 614). Although most of the Court’s Probate/Mental Health Court Administration offices will remain in the OCH, a probate case processing clerk will move to the third floor of ECB. Once this move has been completed, parties and lawyers wanting to obtain hearing dates on probate cases downtown will need to go to the third floor of ECB to obtain the hearing dates from the Superior Court’s probate case processing clerk.

Filing a confidential document or filing under seal

Few Superior Court filings are authorized by rule, statute, or court order for filing under seal or as confidential documents. When a court order authorizes future documents for filing as a confidential or sealed record, remember to provide the Clerk’s office with a copy of the previously-signed order when the document is filed. This precaution alerts the Clerk’s staff that special handling applies to the document and reduces the chances of the document being filed as a public record. Without the order authorizing its filing as confidential or sealed, the document will appear to the Clerk’s file counter staff like any other document intended for filing as a public record. The problems are compounded when the document is within a stack of daily filings received at the file counters throughout the day. Documents authorized for filing as confidential or sealed will be fewer than 1% of the total documents filed on any given day. Including a copy of the order authorizing special handling with the document itself will improve the accuracy of handling the records.


Holiday closure

The Clerk’s offices will be closed on Wednesday, July 4 for the Independence Day holiday. eFile or use the external depository boxes as applicable for after hours and holiday filing. The 24-hour filing depository boxes are available for Criminal, Family Court, Tax, and Probate filings and for some Civil filings. The boxes are not for any Juvenile filings or for Civil filings that must be eFiled. Find the box locations online at Enjoy the 4th of July!