Chairman's March Update

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Chairman's March Update

Maricopa County Sees Most Population Growth of Any U.S. County


Maricopa County is a more desirable place to live and work than it has ever been. We are now home to 4.3 million people; strong tech, health, aerospace, business, and agricultural sectors; low unemployment; world-class universities; and phenomenal options for leisure and recreation. It’s no wonder people want to start careers, raise families, and retire here. As regional leaders, we need to ensure that our growth is sustainable, that our environment—physical and economic—is healthy for generations to come. I’m confident we will. Learn More about Maricopa County's Population Growth.

Arizona Pipeline

AZ Pipeline

This month I was excited to announce that the Pipeline AZ project went live! This project connects people in ways we haven’t seen before, job seekers will be matched with jobs that fit their skills, sometimes in industries they never would have considered. Employers will have access to a better and more diverse pool of talent. All of this will help us boost prosperity and increase quality of life in Maricopa County for years to come. For More Information Visit Arizona Pipeline.

Maricopa County Partners with ASU on Workforce Development Program



I had the opportunity to present a grant from the Maricopa County Industrial Development Authority to President Crow at Arizona State University for a new workforce development project. This grant from the IDA is an example of a public-private partnership that can accelerate innovation and diversify our economy to bring jobs that improve the quality of life in Maricopa County. The medical technology industry is uniquely suited to grow here in Maricopa County, thanks to existing hospitals and industry pioneers such as MedTronic. Learn More about this Partnership.

Updating Performance and Discipline Policies

Last week, the Board approved updates to our performance and discipline policies.  It is imperative that we continually strive to streamline government to have sound performance management by recognizing employees for their successes and coaching them when correction is needed.  Supervisors and employees must engage in timely and meaningful conversations and actions to maintain the highest levels of employee performance.  At Maricopa County, we endeavor to meet the highest expectations. With these newly implemented policies we will be able to continue to succeed.

Steve Chucri, Chairman
Maricopa County Board of Supervisors, District 2

Maricopa Maintains AAA Bond Rating

Maricopa County maintains the highest possible bond rating!  By spending wisely and not overextending ourselves, we've created an environment where we can stretch each dollar further to make life better for the people of Maricopa County. The three credit agencies - Fitch, Moody's, and S&P— all cited the county's modest debt burden, financial flexibility, and strong growth prospects in assigning Maricopa County the highest possible bond ratings.  S&P noted Maricopa County's "very strong management" and "strong" financial policies and practices.