The Brief - August 2017

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The Brief

Vol. 13, No. 8                                                                August 2017

Fees Increase in One Week

Most filing and service fees will increase on Wednesday, August 9, 2017. Documents submitted for filing that are received by the Clerk's office (file counter, by mail, or through a filing depository box) on or before August 8 will be subject to the current fees. Documents received for filing on and after August 9 will be subject to the new fees. Fees are posted on the Clerk’s website at

Appeal and Cost Bond Info Online

Court rules, statutes, court orders or other authorities may require posting appeal or cost bonds with the Clerk's Office. Depending on the type of issue, the parties, the complexity of the case and other factors, years can pass between the bond posting date and resolution of related issues. During that time, parties, attorneys, and the courts may overlook issuing a court order releasing the money. The Clerk's Office holds the funds until a court order directs the Clerk specifically what to do with those funds. The Clerk’s Office has now posted lists online of bonds posted with the Clerk's Office where the need for the bond may have ended and no court order was filed allowing the Clerk to return the money. If you or your clients posted an appeal or cost bond in any case, it is worth checking if funds are still on hold.

Customers can search the online lists by party name or case number. A party or their attorney must file a petition with the court requesting an order be issued directing the Clerk to release these funds. The Clerk's Office will only release money by court order and only as specifically directed in the order. For more information about the deposit or release of these funds, including specific information the Clerk’s Office needs before releasing money, see the Clerk’s website at The Clerk's Office will only assist parties to a case or their attorneys. Third-party vendors, personal representatives, and other non-parties must be named in a court order to obtain detailed information, or to receive a payment check.

Law Library Resource Center Filings Grow by Leaps and Bounds

Last year the Superior Court in Maricopa County renamed, relocated and expanded its self-service center into the Law Library Resource Center (LLRC). The Clerk’s Office staffs a filing counter within the downtown Phoenix LLRC to allow customers a one-stop-shop for research, drafting, and filing court documents. Filings within the LLRC have gone up every month since its establishment. In January 2017, the file counter handled 406 transactions and nearly doubled that volume by the end of March 2017 with 802 transactions. In June, the file counter processed more than 1,000 transactions. Clerk staff at this window can process fee deferral applications, adding to customers’ onsite convenience. For more information about the LLRC’s services, locations, and other details, see the Superior Court’s website at