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Alerts and activities

Maricopa County Summer Reading Program Challenge

2016 Summer Reading

Reading is essential to preparing the next generation for an increasingly competitive world. Our libraries have made and continue to make a difference in the lives of tens of thousands of residents. Join Maricopa County Reads and accept my reading challenges! The Summer Reading Program runs through August 1, 2016.

Read Across America

Good Government

Naco awards - personnel reform


Maricopa County received 57 Achievement Awards from the National Association of Counties (NACo) for 2016. The awards honor innovative and effective county government programs that enhance services for residents.

Among the more than 17 departments recognized was the County’s Human Resources Department, which was honored for its personnel reform efforts. We are committed to relentless improvement, and the time is right to expand our focus beyond just what we do at the County and examine more closely those who actually do the work. Reforming our personnel system will help us retain and recruit the best employees to serve our county residents.

For a list of Achievement Awards, visit the NACo website.

Final Budget approved June 20

The Maricopa County Board of Supervisors unanimously adopted a $2.3 billion budget for fiscal year 2017. The most effective government is one that focuses on performing core functions and doing them well. We passed a balanced budget that reflects what our citizens expect, a lean county government focused on mandates and public safety.


Southwest Wildlife Conservation Center

I’m proud to say the Board of Supervisors approved a Special Use Permit to allow them to continue operating as they have for more than 20 years.

Southwest Wildlife Conservation Center (SWCC) rescues and rehabilitates wildlife that has been injured, displaced, or orphaned. They provide volunteer dispatch teams that respond to wildlife emergencies and an on-site medical care center. SWCC releases 70% of the animals they see back into the wild and, as an American Sanctuary Association accredited sanctuary, it houses animals that cannot be released.

We could not simply let it disappear. We owe it to our wildlife and our community to give them the support they need and deserve. I stand alongside my fellow County Supervisors in full support of SWCC and their mission.

A baby javelina at the Southwest Wildlife Conservation Center

Justice Court Video Appearance Center

Maricopa County officially opened the new video court in the basement of the Maricopa County Superior Court, East Court Tower. This improvement in the justice process is safe, smart and cost-efficient.  With the justice Court Video Appearance Center, a judge can dial in and see people in custody with a webcam. This will eliminate the need to transport any prisoners to and from the 26 Justice Courts geographically distributed across the County. The end result will save the County time and money.

Video Court
Making justice more efficient

Clean Start Helps Jailed Women Return to Society

Maricopa County initiated the Clean Start program in March and the first class of 20 women completed the program in June. This is Chairman Clint Hickman’s initiative, which is fully supported by the Board. This Smart Justice initiative’s goal is to keep former inmates from returning to jail. The female probationers worked in the jail laundry room for 13 weeks and are paid at 40 hours a week while gaining access to occupational skills training, cognitive behavior change training, career guidance and job placement services. The skills they learn can then be transferred to other job opportunities.

Clean Start

Animal Care & Control's License Renewal Partnership

The Board approved an exciting new partnership with Petco for advertising in license renewal notices. This will enable customers to find additional information and vaccine locations as well as provide an additional source of revenue for MCACC. Thank you to the MCACC Task Force for considering new funding strategies and thank you staff for implementing this unique collaboration. 

Pillars of Honor

The Maricopa County's Pillars of Honor Program is a unique opportunity to honor the outstanding service of our employees. On Monday, June 6, a special ceremony was held to commemorate 20 employees for their service. The three categories of commemoration are Service, Sacrifice, and Salute. 19 employees were placed on the Service Pillar and one employee was placed on the Salute Pillar.

Pillars night
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Community Update

Maricopa County IDA approves $779K in community grants

The Maricopa County Industrial Development Authority approved a series of grants totaling $779K to help local community groups move their mission forward. 

First Place is a Phoenix-based group that will be one of the nation’s first residential projects for adults living with autism. The IDA approved the $335,000 grant to be applied to the First Place Leadership Institute, whose goal is to develop a field of leaders to advance promising and best practices that support adults with autism through education, training, and research.

First Place is a top notch program critical to the growing population of adults with autism. They provide a supportive community for individuals promoting life skills and transitions when family members are no longer able to care for their loved ones.

Local First Arizona and Year Up also received funding.  Local First Arizona is a non-profit organization working to strengthen communities and local economies through growing, supporting, and celebrating locally owned businesses. Year Up provides young adults with the skills, experience, and support that will empower them to reach their potential through professional careers and higher education.

The Maricopa IDA’s mission is to create and maintain jobs within the county, and assist residents of the county to achieve a better standard of living and way of life. From May 1975, the IDA has helped spur economic development and increased the availability of affordable housing.

Office Depot Back to School Event

Most children look forward to the beginning of the new school year. But for those families where money is tight, this can be a challenging time.

To help children start school on the right foot, the Office Depot Foundation donated 4,000 colorful new backpacks containing essential supplies to nonprofit organizations, agencies, and schools in the Madison Elementary School District, Mesa Public Schools, and Scottsdale Unified School District. I was happy to participate in the Back to School Launch event with fellow Board Member, Supervisor Steve Gallardo.

Office Depot

Maricopa County Farm Bureau Breakfast

I would like to thank Mark Freeman, the Maricopa County Farm Bureau and the Maricopa County Cooperative Extension for hosting our annual breakfast. It was great to see local farmers, members of the agriculture community, elected officials, and others to discuss issues of importance to the county and the farming community. Many friends and constituents attended including Assessor Paul Petersen, Mesa Mayor John Giles and Mesa Councilmembers David Richins and Kevin Thompson.

Farm Breakfast

Feeding Matters

I had the opportunity to meet with Feeding Matters, Executive Director, Chris Linn and Director of Development, Kristie Leshinskie. Feeding Matters is spearheading the effort to conquer pediatric feeding struggles for infants and children battling with the fundamentals of feeding. If you have an infant or child dealing with this struggle, please visit

Read the July 2016 Feeding Matters e-newsletter

Feeding Matters


Salt River Pima Maricopa Indian Community

I had the honor to speak at the Salt River Pima Maricopa Indian Community Directors Meeting.  I shared with the Community Council and leaders what Maricopa County has been doing to streamline government along with some of our accomplishments this past year such as personnel reform and improved customer service.

Pictured above: President Delbert Ray (top-left), Gary Bohnne and Vice-President Martin Havier (bottom-left), and Karl Aeurbach, Assistant Chief, SRPMIC Police Department (right)

Carefree Community Meeting

I was happy to participate in a community partners meeting in Carefree. The Foothills Community Foundation and ASU provided an important needs assessment for the Northeast areas of Maricopa County. Town and school district officials, along with non-profit and volunteer organizations shared information with our county human services staff. We look forward to collaborating to better serve our residents.  

Carefree Community

Board of Supervisors Approve Mesa Projects to Reduce Flooding

We approved three Mesa neighborhood flood control projects to help resolve flooding problems in these areas. We are pleased to partner with local communities to provide flood protection to residents and businesses. The three approved City of Mesa drainage improvement projects are located at:

  • 63rd Street and Broadway Road
  • Extension Road and 2nd Avenue
  • Solomon and Southern Avenue

For more information about the FCD’s Small Project Assistance Program, please call (602) 506-6762 or visit

Good News in District 2


Steve Chucri, District 2
Maricopa County Board of Supervisors