MAG Regional Analytics Digest: Quarterly update for MAG data and map users

Regional Analytics Digest | June 2020 | Maricopa Association of Governments
Inside this Issue:

Arizona Health Assets Map Viewer

The Arizona Health Assets Map Viewer is a new one-stop interactive map that centralizes information and reporting tools relevant to the Coronavirus pandemic. The map viewer includes current COVID-19 cases by zip code as provided by the Arizona Department of Health Services. It also shows the number of hospital beds by county and at each healthcare facility. The map viewer also includes a “vulnerability index” that identifies areas where people may be at high risk for contracting the illness.

Users can sort the information by county, jurisdiction, or zip code. People using the tool can also create customized reports that help answer questions such as which parts of the region are most at risk and where to find specific resources to help people affected by the virus.

Unemployment Claims

In partnership with the Arizona Department of Economic Security, MAG has mapped by zip code the number of Arizona unemployment insurance claims filed since the start of stay-at-home orders in Arizona on March 14, 2020. The maps will be updated on an ongoing basis. This data can be used by employers and policymakers to understand where there are large populations of residents looking for work, as they shape plans of action to breathe new life into their local economies as we start to recover from the effects of the pandemic.

Phoenix Metro Residential Real Estate Data Explorer

The Phoenix Metro Residential Real Estate Data Explorer is an interactive tool providing high-level analysis of real estate trends across Maricopa County and Pinal County.  The tool is built upon millions of data points on topics including existing housing stock, home sales/pricing, permit activity, and new construction, which have been distilled into a series of key statistics and charts that help paint a picture of the region’s dynamic real estate market.  Users can interactively explore trends within each of these topics over time and across geographic areas including counties, cities/towns, and zip codes.

Regional Workforce Commute Explorer

This new interactive dashboard visualizes commute and workforce data for Maricopa County and specific subregions. Explore data on commute modes, average trip length, and workers by industry or occupation based on where they live and work. The survey data comes from the 2019 Maricopa County Travel Reduction Program (TRP).

Updated Webpages

Start your search for maps and data products from the updated Regional Analytics home page, or from the MAG Maps & Data page. MAG Regional Analytics is working hard to become your one-stop shop for a wide variety of data resources. Whether you are needing tools for your own research, planning and development, or just satisfying your own curiosity, you’ll find a host of helpful data, charts, maps, infographics, and other reports about local demographics, employers, housing, recreation, education, and more in our updated web pages.

Trainings Announcement

MAG Maps & Data Training is moving online and will now allow participants to choose the subject matter they are most interested in. Beginning in July, our 3-hour interactive maps and data training workshops will be divided into one-hour segments focusing on 1) population and demographics, 2) economy and employers, and 3) education, recreation, healthcare, and transportation. All training will be held online via Zoom. Registration will still be done through Eventbrite. Participants will receive an email confirmation with the Zoom meeting details. Visit our training page for dates and registration details.

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