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Regional Analytics Digest | February 2019 | Maricopa Association of Governments
Inside this Issue:

Regional Activity and Destination (RAD) Map Viewer

Don’t let this great weather pass you by. Discover outdoor recreational treasures in our region with MAG’s Regional Activity and Destination (RAD) viewer. Easily filter public parks to locate kid-friendly activities, special use areas, and sports amenities. Explore the region’s many trails, preserves, and water recreation opportunities that can be enjoyed in the great outdoors. Regionally significant destinations are also highlighted. Bike lanes and public transportation are included to help get you around. See what you may have been missing in your own neighborhood and discover hidden gems in the region with the RAD viewer.

Arizona's Export Economy

Trade is an important component for measuring how well the economy is doing. In 2017 Arizona’s strong export economy continued with exports valued at $21 billion. The Phoenix Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) accounts for 63% of those exports. A positive trade balance, exports minus imports, is an indicator of growing economy. Both Arizona and the Phoenix MSA have been experiencing a positive trade balance over the past several years. Additional information is available on our website, including an infographic that highlights Arizona's export economy.

The American Community Survey (ACS)

The Census Bureau’s American Community Survey (ACS) is an ongoing survey that measures socioeconomic conditions of the nation’s resident population. The Census Bureau releases data annually that provide estimates based on surveys collected over 1-year and 5-year periods. Topics in the ACS include education, income, poverty, housing, employment, and more. The ACS is used for a variety of programs, including grant applications, economic development, population studies, human services planning, and more.

MAG provides a variety of products that use ACS data including the Arizona demographics map viewer, commute shed reports, and the regional overview infographic. These products have been updated to include the recently released 2017 ACS data.

MAG/State Demographer Population Estimates

The MAG Regional Council has adopted the July 1, 2018, population estimates for jurisdictions in the MAG region. These population estimates are created in conjunction with the State Demographer, and are updated every year. The estimates and methodology can be found here.


2019 MAG Map Viewer Training

Heard about our powerful interactive map viewers (including our new demographics map interface) but not sure how to get the most from them? The 2019 MAG Interactive Map Viewer Training schedule is now posted on the map viewer training site, with links to the Eventbrite registration sites for each of our three workshop locations.

Our free classes give you guided instruction and hands-on practice navigating and data mining our demographic, employment, recreation, education, land use, and projections databases, and more! Sign up now or bookmark us for future enrollment. Or invite us to come to you for larger groups. It’s still free!

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