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AlaskaCare Retiree Health News

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Volume 45| February 2022

Preventive Care—Routine Physical Exams

The AlaskaCare plan expanded preventive care coverage to the Retiree Defined Benefit health plan effective January 1, 2022.

Join us during 2022 as we explore the preventive care benefits offered by your AlaskaCare Retiree Insurance Plan. Each month from January through June, we will take a closer look at some of the preventive services now eligible for coverage. If you missed last month’s newsletter, you can read it here.

This month we are featuring routine physical exams for adults and children.

January Preventive Care Benefit Overview
February Routine Physical Exams for Adults and Children
March Cancer Screenings
April Immunizations
May Maternity and Newborn Care
June Dental Preventive Cleanings & Hearing and Vision Screening

Preventive Care - Routine Physical Exams

You don’t need to feel sick in order to see your doctor. In fact, the best time to go might be when you feel well. Perhaps you need a flu shot or a screening test. Or maybe you’re just looking for some health tips. That’s preventive care—and it can help you stay healthy or catch health issues early.

AlaskaCare covers preventive care for you and your eligible dependents. There are no copays, deductibles, or coinsurance for covered preventive services when you see a network provider. Call your doctor to schedule your physical checkup and be on your way to good health. 

Check-in for a Checkup

Preventive care starts with a routine physical exam. Yearly checkups can reassure you that you’re as healthy as you feel. Or prompt you to ask about changes in your body that might not be normal.

What to Expect

During a routine physical exam, you can get the right screenings for your age, gender, and health status. Also, your doctor can spot symptoms that could be signs of something more serious.

Your doctor may measure your height and weight and perhaps check your blood sugar, cholesterol, and blood pressure. These results, along with your health history, give a clearer picture of your health so your doctor can build a personal care plan for you. When your doctor diagnoses a health condition early, you may be able to delay or even prevent its problems. Getting early treatment can make your condition easier to manage and put you in control of your health.

Your doctor may also use guidelines to recommend screenings based on your age, health, gender, lifestyle habits, and family history. Adult screenings are intended to find health issues as you age. Talk with your doctor about which screenings are right for you.

Routine Physical Exams for Adults

Ask your health care provider about which preventive services are right for you and your family. Covered preventive services for adults vary based on age, gender, and identified risk factors, and commonly include:

Screenings and Assessments Counseling Labs
  • Alcohol and tobacco use
  • Cholesterol
  • Depression
  • Diabetes Lung cancer (for adults with a history of smoking)
  • Obesity
  • Sexually transmitted diseases
  • High Blood pressure
  • Tuberculosis (TB) testing
  • Cancer screening*


  • Alcohol misuse 
  • Domestic violence
  • Nutrition (for adults with cardiovascular and diet-related chronic disease)
  • Obesity
  • Sexually transmitted infection (STI) prevention (for adults at higher risk)
  • Tobacco use (including programs to help you stop using tobacco)
  • Complete Blood Count
  • Hepatitis Screening
  • Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) Screening
  • Lipid Panel
  • Metabolic Panel
  • STI Screening
  • Thyroid Screening
  • PSA



*Watch for more information on cancer screening in the March newsletter.

Remember, services are generally not preventive if the purpose of your visit is to diagnose, monitor, or treat an illness or injury. In these cases, the standard plan provisions apply. If you have questions about covered preventive services, you can contact the Aetna Concierge at (855) 784-8646.

Routine Physical Exams for Children

Ask your health care provider about which preventive services are right for you and your family. Covered preventive services for children vary based on age, gender, and identified risk factors, and commonly include:

Screenings and Assessment
  • Adolescent depression screening
  • Alcohol and drug use
  • Anemia
  • Attention deficit disorder (ADD)
  • Autism
  • Behavioral and psychological issues
  • Development
  • Height, weight, and body mass index
  • Hearing
  • Hematocrit or hemoglobin
  • Hepatitis B
  • HIV
  • Medical history
  • Obesity
  • STI Screenings
  • TB testing
  • Vision
  • Obesity 
  • STI prevention (for adolescents at higher risk)
  • Influenza type B
  • Hepatitis A and B
  • Human papillomavirus (HPV) Inactivated poliovirus
  • Influenza
  • Meningococcal (meningitis)
  • Measles-Mumps-Rubella
  • Pneumonia
  • Rotavirus
  • Diphtheria-Tetanus-Pertussis
  • Varicella (chickenpox)

Remember, services are generally not preventive if the purpose of your visit is to diagnose, monitor, or treat an illness or injury. In these cases, the standard plan provisions apply. If you have questions about covered preventive services, you can contact the Aetna Concierge at (855) 784-8646.

Medicare Annual Wellness Visits

Medicare provides coverage for two types of physical examinations:

  1. Medicare covers a “Welcome to Medicare” preventive visit you can choose to receive when you are new to Medicare. This is a one-time initial preventive physical exam.
  2. Medicare covers annual wellness visits.

Medicare does not cover routine physical exams, but the AlaskaCare Plan does cover routine physical exams. If you are enrolled in Medicare and AlaskaCare is your secondary insurance and you visit your physician for a routine physical exam, Medicare will deny the service, but your AlaskaCare plan will cover this visit.

“Welcome to Medicare” Initial Preventive Physical Exam

Review of your medical and social health history and preventive services education.

Covered only once within 12 months of first Part B enrollment

Covered by Medicare at 100% (if provider accepts Medicare assignment)

Annual Wellness Visit

Visit to develop or update a Personalized Prevention Plan and perform a Health Risk Assessment.

Covered once every 12 months

Covered by Medicare at 100% (if provider accepts Medicare assignment)

Routine Physical Exam

An exam performed to evaluate your health with a focus on preventing future health issues. This type of visit typically includes a physical evaluation and may include monitoring of vitals like weight, blood pressure, cholesterol, and other health markers.

Not covered by Medicare

Covered by AlaskaCare at 100%

For more information on Medicare coverage of preventive care, watch a short video from the Medicare Learning Network on Annual Wellness visits.

1095-B Tax Forms

Form 1095-B is a tax form that reports the type of health insurance coverage you have, any dependents covered by your insurance policy, and the period of coverage for the prior year. The Division of Retirement and Benefits has provided this form to members under age 65 to verify on your tax return that you and your dependents have at least minimum essential health insurance coverage. If you are 65 or older, contact Medicare at (800) MEDICARE to obtain a copy of your Form 1095-B.

Since this information is already provided to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) by Medicare, it is no longer necessary to have a printed copy of form 1095-B in order to file your taxes. Starting last year, the Division provides members under age 65 access to an electronic version of Form 1095-B online. Forms will be available online in March. You can access your 1095-B form in your MyRNB account under myDocuments.

If you would like to request a printed copy of your 2020 Form 1095-B be mailed to you, please contact the Division toll-free at (800) 821-2251, or in Juneau at (907) 465-4460. If you would like more information about the 1095-B form, check out our Frequently Asked Questions.

Providence Alaska Opens New Clinics in Anchorage and Wasilla

Providence Medical Group has opened a new primary care clinic in Midtown Anchorage to better serve the community’s health care needs. The clinic is co-located with Providence’s first urgent care clinic in Alaska and a rehabilitative therapy gym.

The clinics offer same-day, high-quality care to patients of all ages. Primary care appointments are available 7 a.m. - 6 p.m., Monday-Friday, and 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. on Saturdays, and urgent care appointments are available 7 a.m. - 7 p.m., Monday-Saturday.

The Providence Midtown clinics are located at 1200 W. Northern Lights Blvd. in the space previously occupied by REI. Click here for more information about the services offered at both clinics.

Providence Alaska also recently opened its newest ExpressCare clinic in Wasilla, bringing care that’s where and when you need it to the Mat-Su Valley. The Wasilla ExpressCare is located at 1861 E. Parks Highway. To schedule a same-day appointment online, visit

Welcome New Providers

Aetna’s Alaska Network Continues to Grow! Please help us in welcoming these new providers:


  • Alaska Pain to Wellness Centre
  • Karuna Counseling
  • Far North Health Services
  • Anchorage Intensivist
  • Health Wellness and Longevity Clinic


  • Troy Medical
  • Crossroad Counseling and Training Services
  • Inspired Speech


  • Behavior Independence LLC
  • Empower Physical Therapy
  • Atlas Medical Alaska


  • Mountain Springs Counseling Center



Future AlaskaCare Town Hall Events

town hall

Town Hall Events are group calls hosted by the Alaska Department of Administration, Division of Retirement and Benefits for all interested AlaskaCare retirees and families to ask questions about the AlaskaCare health plans. You can join the call to learn more about your health plan and ask Division staff any questions you have about your benefits. This format gives retirees a chance to connect directly with Division staff to hear the latest news on all things AlaskaCare, raise questions, share comments, and learn more about the health plans. Pre-register now online.

Please join us for a Town Hall event on:

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