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Sponsorship Funds for Responders, Deadline is August 14, 2020*.


EMS and other first responder agencies have the opportunity to receive up to $15,000 dollars that is provided in sponsorship by the Department of Health and Social Services Offices of Public Health, EMS and Substance Misuse and Addiction Prevention (OSMAP) through funds received by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).



Review "Sponsorship Information and Attachment One" to see how other emergency responder agencies have incorporated behavioral health and/or substance use disorder treatment support.


Send a letter of request, to fund technology related activity(ies) and/or technology purchases, that directly assist people in receiving substance use disorder treatment and other resources to osmap@alaska.gov by August 14, 2020.


More Funding Opportunities


Another opportunity for State of Alaska Grant Funds that is currently available for First Responders is listed on the State’s Online Public Notice (OPN) site. The funding grant opportunity titled, “Restore Hope in Linkage to Care Collaboration Program” is posted here: https://gems.dhss.alaska.gov/Solicitations/ShowSolicitation?entityId=234d4f52-9e89-ea11-a978-005056ae3c14.

August 2020, Issue No. 34


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