Section 1115 Waiver Update e-Memo - Clarificaiton for Provider Calls

Dear Provider:

Questions have come up asking if providers needed to call into all 3 calls or only one:

Call in number will be 1-800-315-6338 passcode 78261#

Dates and times:
Tuesday June 25 – 1:30 – 2:30 pm
Wednesday June 26 – 9:30 -10:30 am
Thursday June 27 – 9 – 10 am

Providers only need to call in 1 time – each call will cover the same information so there is no need to call in multiple times.

Also, we are asking providers to select one call and this will insure that we will have enough open lines each day.  

If you are calling in today and we do not get to your question, DO NOT call in again instead please email your question to

Reminder of the ground rules for these calls:

All phones are to remain on mute during the DBH presentation – which we have planned for the 1st 40 minutes.
For the remaining 20 minutes we will open for provider questions today we will start as follows:
Northern  and rural providers
Southcentral Providers
Southeast providers

Then tomorrow we will rotate which area goes first.  I will keep the length of time for questions from each area fair.   If there are multiple questions being asked I will limit each provider to one question and additional questions can be emailed to

If the state finishes before 40 minutes we will extend the question time.  

The call will promptly end after the hour time slot.   

Terry Roth
DBH Medicaid Section Manager / Tribal Liaison
(907) 269-7826
Cell: (907)744-3707