BRT Median Construction Notice

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Bus Rapid Transit

Construction starts next week at the following locations:

International Boulevard between 41st and 44th Avenues

Why is AC Transit building BRT?

The East Bay Bus Rapid Transit Project (BRT) is a multimillion-dollar investment in our community. BRT will make trips faster, on an entirely new curb-to-curb roadway surface. A series of center-median and curbside stations will be framed with innovative lighting, landscaping, security cameras, and onboard Wi-Fi access along the corridor to name a few. Thousands of riders will soon experience improved transit to jobs, shopping, healthcare services, schools, and much more.

What is BRT?

AC Transit is building the East Bay's first BRT. Think of BRT as light-rail on wheels. It will operate mostly inside a bus only lane along the 9.5-mile International Boulevard/E. 14th Street corridor between San Leandro BART and downtown Oakland.

What can the public expect while station construction is underway?

Safety is AC Transit’s foremost priority. Crews will install concrete barriers in the center of the road. The barriers are needed to protect workers as they build BRT’s train-like center-median stations and will remain in place throughout construction. Crossing International Boulevard will remain accessible; although there will be times when certain crosswalks will be temporarily closed or relocated. 

How long will BRT be under construction?

BRT broke ground in January 2017 and is expected to be completed in 2019. To minimize disruptions we are building the BRT system in separate stages.

Is there help for businesses during construction?

Yes, the City of Oakland is offering free Technical Assistance to businesses located in Oakland along the BRT corridor. Please contact Susan Villarreal of the Housing and Community Development Department for more information:

Susana Villarreal
City of Oakland, Housing and Community Development Department
510-238-7794 office
510-773-6375 mobile

Additionally, AC Transit’s BRT Outreach Team is available to assist merchants in mitigating temporary construction impacts such as: ensuring driveways remain clear, entrances to homes and businesses are clear, and that parking disruptions are reduced as much as possible.  

AC Transit encourages residents, riders, and the community at large to support businesses located in the construction zones, especially during the construction period.

Will International Boulevard see closures during construction?

No. A lane of travel, in each direction, will remain open at all times. However, we encourage businesses and residents alike to allow extra travel time in construction zones.

Are bus stops affected during construction?

Yes. To protect the safety of riders, bus operators and construction crews some bus stops will be temporarily relocated. Temporary stops will be relocated in close proximity to the original bus stop. Affected bus stops will have a "Yellow Notice" designating it as temporarily out of service.

What is the impact on parking during construction?

AC Transit is working closely with the Cities of Oakland and San Leandro to preserve parking while construction is underway. To safely build BRT's innovative platform stations, some parking will require removal in designated areas. To minimize impacts on merchants, temporary and permanent yellow loading zones are being added in the immediate construction zone.  AC Transit strongly request that motorists not park in any yellow loading zones.

Where can I find the final parking layout?

We have assembled the Final Parking Plan online. Please visit

Will construction mean changes to left or U-turns?

Building the East Bay’s most efficient transit system will mean reducing and, in some instances, temporarily prohibiting left turns and U-turns along International Boulevard during construction. At some intersections, the eliminated turns will become permanent. Nevertheless, you will always have access to your business or home.

Where can I get more information?

AC Transit is committed to addressing your concerns and providing access to BRT information. Feel free to contact our Outreach Team by telephone or by visiting the 

BRT Information Center: 

3322 A International Boulevard, Oakland, CA 94601
Monday – Friday
9 a.m. to 5 p.m.