BRT Construction Progress and Challenges

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Bus Rapid Transit

BRT Construction Progress and Challenges

The innovative East Bay BRT project has reached an important milestone: 50% completion in two of our construction zones! In fact, under the watchful eye of BRT’s general contractor, O. C. Jones & Sons, Inc., the East 14th Street/International Boulevard corridor has transformed over the past six months. East Oakland and San Leandro residents and business owners alike can now see the tangible benefits of this $178-million-dollar construction project.

Just how transformative has it been? Here is a snapshot of some of the work currently underway.

  • New ADA-compliant sidewalks and ramps
  • New traffic signals
  • New storm drain inlets
  • Electrical infrastructure upgrades
  • New street lighting


Speaking of lighting, our general contractor has every plan to advance construction under the glow of the summer sun. So who and what neighborhoods are next? Our contractor anticipates major construction in these general areas throughout the summer months:

Zone 8: International Boulevard from 41st Avenue to 52nd Avenue, currently 39% complete.

Zone 10: International Boulevard from 62nd Avenue to 71st Avenue, currently 53% complete.

Zone 12:  International Boulevard from 82nd Avenue to 94th Avenue, currently 53% complete.

Zone 14: E. 14th Street from Davis to Durant and on Davis between E. 14th and San Leandro Boulevard, currently 22% complete.


Wondering where you’ll catch the BRT in your area?  Maybe you have an amazing eye for detail and the key elements of the BRT system such as pedestrian right-of-ways and traffic signals. No matter the interest, you can find answers by checking out BRT’s project exhibit map.

But for every quantum leap forward in building the East Bay’s first ever BRT, we’re equally mindful of construction hiccups or “hot spots.” Hot spots are unforeseen conditions that delay the completion of work at a specific location. Rest assured, we never rest! Hot spot solutions are continuously being developed by our construction management team, utility companies, and our partners – The Cities of Oakland and San Leandro and Caltrans.  

Construction progress will continue. As it does, we will keep you in the loop.  Do you have questions, concerns, suggestions, or comments? Great! As always, we want to hear from you. Your feedback is very important.

Thank you for continuing to work with us as we continue to work for you.

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创新型东湾BRT工程已经到达了一个重要的里程碑:其中两个施工区已完成50%的工程!在BRT总承包商O. C. JonesSonsInc.的监督下,East 14th Street/International Boulevard 交通走廊在过去六个月中已经大变样。现在,East Oakland San Leandro 居民和业主都可以看到这个1.77亿美元建筑项目带来的实际好处。

变革进行的如何了? 以下是目前正在进行的一些工作的概况。

  • 新的符合ADA标准的人行道和坡道
  • 新交通信号灯
  • 新排水口
  • 电力基础设施升级
  • 新街灯