BRT Project Creates Good Jobs for Locals Like Sean Pittman

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Bus Rapid Transit

BRT Project - Bringing Jobs to Local Workers Like West Oakland's Sean Pittman

The East Bay Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) construction is officially underway, and that means good paying construction jobs are being filled by talented local workers from Oakland, San Leandro and across the East Bay. But hiring managers did not have to go far to find Sean Pittman. The motivated West Oakland native embodies the very definitions of initiative and work ethic.

Sean started as a laborer and over the past 17 years, has ascended the ladder of success to become a Foreman at O. C. Jones & Sons, Inc., the BRT project contractor.

Pittman bent over at truck doing calculations

Sean shies away from the accolades that highlight how “he’s beaten the odds” and instead attributes his success to the time-honored principal of hard work. “I tell people who say they want to get into construction that it’s not easy. Be prepared to go to work! Yet I like what I do because I learn something new every day,” says Sean.

Sean also attributes his success in construction to his father, a successful electrical contractor. He may have followed in his father’s footsteps but Sean realized ultimate success in construction meant studying the trade. So at a young age, Sean enrolled in the Sacramento Job Corps construction training program. As a Job Corps participant, he was afforded an invaluable opportunity:  a “tour of trades” which exposes participants to a variety of construction skillsets.

Pittman with man at truck

Sean remembers thinking, “That job looks cool! That job looks fun!” A zeal for learning, coupled with strong math skills, exceptional hand-eye-coordination, and hard work quickly proved Sean had found his career calling.  Within one and half years, Sean was a proud graduate of Sacramento’s Job Corps.  He subsequently completed 6,500-hour apprentice training to secure his Journeyman designation. Sean has never looked back!

Pittman with 2 crew w/construction equip in foreground

AC Transit, in concert with the building trades and community advocacy groups, has made employing local workers like Sean a priority of the BRT project. In fact, AC Transit has established hiring guidelines – called The Project Labor Agreement and Construction Careers Policy – which prioritize communities with high unemployment and individuals with barriers to employment. We’ve outlined some hiring goals:

Local Hire: A goal of 50% of all hours worked on the project are to be performed by Oakland and San Leandro residents.

Apprentice Utilization: 20% of all hours worked on the project are to be performed by apprentices.

Disadvantaged Workers: A goal of 25% of all apprentice hours are to be performed by individuals with barriers to employment.

To ensure adherence to our community commitments, two advisory committees have been created. Monitored by union and community representatives, the committees oversee the recruitment process and provide feedback to AC Transit on the contractor’s collective efforts to meet the hiring goals.

Pittman pointing with Will Smith

There is a career path for you and prior experience in construction is not required. To learn more, download the Construction Careers Flyer below or call the BRT Information Center at (510) 891-5478, Monday-Friday, 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.

ENGLISH-Construction Careers Awareness Flyer

SPANISH-Construction Careers Awareness Flyer-Spanish

VIETNAMESE-Construction Careers Awareness Flyer-Vietnamese

CHINESE-Construction Careers Awareness Flyer-Chinese

To receive the latest workforce data and learn more about Project Labor Agreement/Construction Careers Policy (PLA/CCP), visit the BRT website and follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

BRT 项目 - 为 West Oakland(西奥克兰)地区像 Sean Pittman 一样的当地员工提供就业机会


East Bay Bus Rapid Transit (BRT)(东湾快速公交系统)建设正式启动,这意味着将为Oakland、San Leandro 和整个 East Bay(东湾)地区的本地优秀员工提供待遇优厚的建筑工作。但聘用 Sean Pittman 这样的经理却不必舍近求远。奋发进取的 West Oakland人对工作积极进取,具备极高的职业道德素养。Sean 起初只是一名普通的工人,在过去 17 年中,他奋发图强,向成功之峰攀登,成为 BRT 项目承包商 O. C. Jones & Sons, Inc. 的一名领班。

Pittman bent over at truck doing calculations