IHCDA Info - November 2015

ihcda monthly info

Upcoming Events

December 3: Main Street Cottages Grand Opening (Princeton)

December 7: OCRA 10th Anniversary Celebration & Awards (Indiana Statehouse)

December 7-8: Governor's Conference for People with Disabilities (Indianapolis)

December 8: Oasis at 30th Grand Opening (Indianapolis)

December 8: Millikan on Mass Grand Opening (Indianapolis)

December 8: Blight Elimination Program Demolition (Logansport)

December 11: Indiana Housing Policy Summit (Indianapolis)

December 17: Miller Asbury Apartments Ribbon Cutting/Open House (Greencastle)

December 18: ICAP 50th Anniversary Luncheon (Hagerstown)


RED Notices

RED 15-41: Environmental Review/Section 106 Historic Review update

RED 15-43: Floating Tax Credit Percentage Rate

RED 15-44: 2015 Utility Allowances

RED 15-45: 2016 A-C Applicant List

Please visit our website to view a complete listing of all 2015 RED Notices.


Public Notices

Nov. 1: NSP1 QPR: July 1, 2015- September 1, 2015

Nov. 1: NSP3 QPR: July 1, 2015-September 30, 2015 

Nov. 10: IHCDA to Issue MCC-2015-A Program


Darin Edwards: Remembering our friend and colleague

This month was particularly difficult as we said goodbye to Darin Edwards, our dear friend and respected colleague. For those who knew him, Darin brought laughter and warmth along with a passion for community development. The lasting impact of his work can be seen across the state; a clear result of his efforts to collaborate with IHCDA partners to ensure that Hoosiers in need could access safe, affordable housing. We at IHCDA are honored to continue Darin's work, and keep his family and friends in our thoughts and prayers this holiday season.


Neighborhood Assistance Program Reminder

All 2015-16 NAP credit recipients should note that the ‘Mid-Year Donor Contribution and Benchmark Report’ is due by the close of business on December 4, 2015. 

As covered in the NAP annual training and program manual, this reporting deadline has been moved to early December to expedite the re-allocation of returned NAP credits so that agencies have more time to sell the additional tax credits before the April 1, 2016 deadline for the End of Year report. The information obtained in this report will be used to determine which agencies have met the benchmark of selling 60% of their NAP credits by the November 30th deadline.  

Any agency who has not sold at least 60% of their credits will have their remaining credits de-allocated.  These credits will then be redistributed to agencies that have sold 100% of their credits and requested re-allocation in the application period.  This report will also be used to send contributor information to the Indiana Department of Revenue so that donors can claim their 2015 credits.  

Please be sure that all information is entered correctly;  any inaccuracies in regards to personal information and tax credit amounts can result in a denial of an individual’s tax return.  NAP recipients can access this report through their designated login at www.IHCDAonline.com. The reporting period to be used is July 1, 2015-November 30, 2015.  Please contact Brian Carman at bcarman@ihcda.in.gov with any questions.


Indiana Housing Policy Summit - Join the conversation!


Despite representing 18% of Indiana’s GDP, housing is often absent from the larger debate over economic policies and long-term community stability and prosperity. As a result, IHCDA partnered with key stakeholders and housing leaders to develop the Inaugural Indiana Housing Policy Summit which will be held on December 11, 2015 at the Crowne Plaza in Indianapolis.

This one-day, conversation-style event will bring together national and industry leaders to discuss housing and economic policy recommendations to keep the state moving forward. Expected attendees include: realtors, developers and builders, title insurers, local housing officials, elected officials, grassroots activists, financial services industry professionals, closing attorneys and many others.

There is no cost to attend. However, space is limited so registration is required. Please note that "summit" is the password for online registration.


Moving Forward Program: Energy Systems Network hosts developers, national experts at two day event


After two days of presentations, roundtable discussions and lively debate, the Moving Forward program is forging ahead with new ideas to help Hoosiers access both affordable housing and transportation. In addition, Moving Forward has been designated as a Bicentennial Legacy Project. Curious about how Moving Forward is moving ahead? Click here for further details...


Boonville, Princeton & Warrick continue the fight to end blight

Demolition season continued as Indiana’s Blight Elimination Program (BEP) saw demolition activities in Boonville, Princeton and Warrick earlier this month. We are proud to recognize these three communities for their dedication to fighting blight and improving neighborhoods.