CE Quiz

The Washington State Dental Commission allows one hour of continuing education for reading this newsletter! Take the quiz below to qualify. Keep the completed quiz with your other continuing education certificates of completion. 

If you are audited, provide the quiz along with your other proof of continuing education and you will receive one hour of continuing education under WAC 246-817-440(4)(b). You are allowed 30 minutes for every hour of self-study continuing education. Completing this quiz counts as 30 minutes toward your continuing education requirements. 

  1. Dental Hygiene and Dental Auxiliary HB 1287 and 1466 both:
  1. Maintain the initial license period for 18 months
  2. Remove the 560-hour active practice requirement for dental hygienists applying for an initial limited dental hygiene license
  3. Decrease the amount of time for hygienists to find approved educational programs and complete required examinations
  4. None of the above
  1. True or False. Newly-hired office staff that provide direct patient care are required to obtain the required certification within 14 days from the date of hire.
  1. True
  2. False
  1. A study conducted by Rothmund, Gollwtizer and Bender in 2012 revealed that promoting inclusive policies increased trust in authorities and decreased prejudice towards outgroups. Based on this study, by actively promoting inclusion and diversity, public policy can:
  1. Help reduce disparities
  2. Create a more equitable society
  3. Bridge social divides
  4. All of the above
  1. True or False. Dentists shall not represent the care rendered to their patients or the fees charged for providing such care in a false or misleading manner, nor alter patient records, such as but not limited to, misrepresenting dates of service or treatment codes.
  1. True
  2. False

The answers for the March 2023 Continuing Education quiz are:

1.B         2. B        3. C        4. C