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Darren Baker is the Psychological Therapies Lead for Psychosis in Haringey. On the 3rd May a Co-production session was held with Darren’s team and a combination of Service Users, Carers and Peer support workers. The aim of the session was to discuss community transformation and how service users and carers should in involved in the planning and re-design of some Psychosis services. 4 service users and carers and 3 peer support workers came to the day.

There were several actions that came out of the meeting, all of which are shared below:


Darren said: 

We loved the co-production session and found it incredibly valuable. It was the first time these service users and carers had done a session like this and so pre-session checks ins were important so that everyone knew what to expect and felt comfortable.

Having the peer support workers attend the session made all the difference, they were fantastic at facilitating conversation between the members of the group.

Some of the service users and carers are now on the Experts by Experience involvement register and so will be contributing to other projects. Some have even expressed interest in becoming peer workers.”


We’d like to say thank you to everyone who attended for their valuable contributions.