Protect your family and property during an emergency with Community Connect

A graphic of a house on fire on the right and a firefighter with a hose on the left standing next to a woman near a fire hydrant.

A safe and secure program, Community Connect, is now available for residents and businesses in San Bernardino County to use to create profiles that first responders can access at the time of response.

The information stored in the platform will inform the San Bernardino County Fire Protection District with critical property and occupant information, such as the number of family members or pets inside a home, or if people with disabilities reside on the property or speak another language.

Business owners can provide emergency plans, employee, property and contact information. Community Connect will help your local emergency personnel ensure that in the event of an emergency, everything you care about is protected to the best of their ability.

Watch this video to learn more and click here to sign up.

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