What is a Limited Dental Hygiene License?

The dental hygiene initial limited license was designed to assist dental hygienists moving to Washington from another state. This is a temporary license that is valid for 18 months. The initial limited license allows these professionals to practice with a limited scope while they complete any education or exams that did not transfer from their previous state. These hygienists are allowed to perform all regular scope of practice tasks under the appropriate supervision of a dentist. The main difference to be aware of is the expanded functions and duties. In order to perform restorative, local anesthesia, or administer nitrous oxide, the license holder must have endorsements added to their credential. You can find these endorsements on the front of the printed dental hygiene license. At the end of the initial 18 months, the hygienist must have completed all licensing requirements other than the restorative tasks. Once the hygienist meets the licensing requirements, they will be issued a Renewable Limited License. This is a permanent license, which must be renewed annually on their birthday. All renewal requirements, including CE and BLS for the Healthcare Provider, must be completed annually. With the Renewable Limited License, they are allowed to administer local anesthesia and nitrous oxide, in addition to performing all standard scope of practice tasks. The renewable limited license holder is not allowed to perform restorative duties.  RCW 18.29.190: Initial limited license. (wa.gov)