The commission allows one hour of continuing education for reading this newsletter! To qualify, please take the quiz below. Keep the completed quiz with your other continuing education certificates of completion. 

If you are audited, provide the quiz along with your other proof of continuing education and you will receive one hour of continuing education under WAC 246-817-440(4)(b). You are allowed 30 minutes for every hour of self-study continuing education. Completing this quiz will be counted as 30 minutes toward your continuing education requirements. 


  1. Which of the following is a correct statement about Washington Physicians Health Program (WPHP):

A. Only Health Care Professionals can make referrals.

B. Services include outreach, crisis intervention, informal assessment, and treatment monitoring.

C. 90% of participants are as a result of disciplinary action.

D. Participation in services must be disclosed to a professional’s employer.

2. True or False. Only Dentists and Expanded Functions Dental Auxiliaries can serve as a commission member for the Dental Quality Assurance Commission.

3. A dental hygiene initial limited license allows a hygienist to practice with a limited scope for:

A. 12 months

B. 16 months

C. 18 months

D. 24 months

4. True or False. The Dental Quality Assurance Commission may randomly audit up to twenty-five percent of licensed dentists every three years for compliance after the license is renewed.

The answers for the July 2022 Continuing Education Quiz are:

1. A 2. A 3. D 4.B