Tracy KlinkhartThere is currently no federal or state legislation applicable within San Bernardino County requiring people to provide proof to law enforcement showing how they obtained catalytic converters, which limits the ability to protect the public from this theft.

The new ordinance requires people who are in possession of a device not attached to a vehicle to have the following documentation:

- Vehicle license plate number and Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)

- Name, address, and telephone number of the owner of the vehicle

- Signature of the owner authorizing removal of the catalytic converter

- Name, address, and phone number of the current owner of the catalytic converter

For removed catalytic converters staying in possession of the current owner, the following documentation is required:

- Proof of ownership of the vehicle

- Valid receipt for the replacement catalytic converter

- Proof of installation for the replacement catalytic converter

The ordinance goes into effect on Sept. 22. For more information, watch this video of San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Deputy Tracy Klinkhart explaining catalytic converter theft and how to avoid becoming a victim.