Monkeypox vaccineMonkeypox spreads primarily through direct contact with infectious sores, scabs, or body fluids, especially as a result of close personal contact. Monkeypox can spread through touching materials used by an infected person, such as clothing and bedding. It can also spread by respiratory secretions during prolonged, close, face-to-face contact.


There are number of ways to prevent the spread of Monkeypox, including:


DPH has started receiving doses of the JYNNEOS vaccine from the California Department of Public Health and is partnering with healthcare providers throughout the county to make the monkeypox vaccine more widely available. A selection of doses has been reserved for exposed individuals and for people with occupational risk. Public Health is planning to offer both pre- and post-exposure doses at each of our Public Health Clinics and distribute doses to provider sites throughout the county.


DPH plans to partner with IEHP, our hospital partners throughout the County, and community-based organizations to ensure information gets to those who need it the most. Public Health is awaiting additional doses as they are made available by the State.


The County has created a dedicated monkeypox email address ( for residents and providers to reach out if they have additional questions.  Individuals who are interested in the vaccine may complete the Monkeypox Vaccine Interest Form.  


If you have a new or an unexplained rash or other symptoms, contact your healthcare provider for further testing and evaluation. If you do not have a healthcare provider, visit a public health clinic near you.


To learn more about Monkeypox, visit or call the Communicable Disease Section at 1 (800) 722-4794.