Prescription Writing

Did you know state law RCW 18.64.500: Tamper-resistant prescription pads or paper requires all licensed prescribers to use approved tamper-resistant pads or paper when doing hard copy, written prescriptions? For answers to frequently asked questions about tamper-resistant prescription pads or paper, visit Pharmacy Commission | Washington State Department of Health and select the drop-down menu under prescribers.

Guidelines for providers prescribing through electronic communication are outlined in are outlined in RCW 69.50.312: Electronic communication of prescription information—Exceptions—Waiver—Penalty—Commission may adopt rules. If you want to apply for an electronic prescribing mandate waiver, see WAC 246-945-014 for waiver criteria.

Remember, all prescriptions must meet minimum requirements defined in WAC 246-945-010: A pharmacist shall verify its validity before dispensing and delivering a prescription. WAC 246-945-011.