The commission allows one hour of continuing education for reading this newsletter! To qualify, please take the quiz below. Keep the completed quiz with your other continuing education certificates of completion. 

If you are audited, provide the quiz along with your other proof of continuing education and you will receive one hour of continuing education under WAC 246-817-440(4)(b).  You are allowed 30 minutes for every hour of self-study continuing education.  Completing this quiz will be counted as 30 minutes toward your continuing education requirements. 


1.How many years of practical clinical experience does a licensed dental hygienist need to perform delegated acts that include working on homebound patients under the general supervision of a dentist?

A. 2 years 

B. 3 years

C. 5 years

D. No clinical hours are required 


2. True or false: An exception in the law allows a non-tamper-resistant prescription paper or pad to be used when prescriptions are transmitted to the pharmacy electronically, by telephone, or by facsimile.

A. True

B. False


3. What is the goal of continuing education?

A. To encourage the lifetime professional development of the licensed professional

B. Enhance clinical and overall skills

C. Protect the health and safety of all patients

D.  All of the above


4. What is an example of Engineering Controls under OSHA’s infection prevention for Dentists and Employers?

A. Using teledentistry (e.g., voice or video conference) options for non-emergency dental consultations

B. Using high-evacuation suction, dental dams, and other methods to minimize droplet aerosolization and capture and remove mists or aerosols generated during dental care

C. Requesting that patients limit the number of visitors that accompany them to their dental appointment

D. Completing a health screening assessment at the time of, or immediately prior to, patient check-in




The answers for the November 2021 Continuing Education quiz are:

1. D             2. A               3. D               4. C