NACo Award 2022Airports

Department of Airports AOA Driver's Training Video and Exam

Aging and Adult Services

Age Wise Home and Community-Based Mental Health Services Expands Access for Seniors

COVID-19 Homebound Vaccination Program - Aging and Adult Services, Office of Emergency Services, Public Health

Helpful Resources for Seniors Booklet Puts Vital Resources at Seniors’ Fingertips

Senior and Disabled Adult Vaccination Outreach and Clinics: A Collaborative Effort - Aging and Adult Services, Public Health, Office of Emergency Services, County Administrative Office

Arrowhead Regional Medical Center

Arrowhead Regional Medical Center’s Clinical Documentation Integrity Program Pioneers Novel Approaches for Patient Treatment

Arrowhead Regional Medical Center Launches New Pilot Program Pulsara Which Enables Faster Care and Better Communication


Assessor-Recorder-Clerk Mobile Unit

Auditor-Controller/Treasurer/Tax Collector

Employment Development Department Data Exchange Automation

Invoice Management System (IMS)                         

Knowledge Management Program          

Revenue Recovery Reporting & Analytics Automation

SAP Governance, Risk, and Compliance (SAP GRC) Implementation

Behavioral Health

Community Program Planning

Office of Disaster & Safety          

Outreach Training Program                                         

Partnership with Community Pharmacies             

Project Hope COVID-19 Vaccination Clinics

Recovery Happens

Resilient and Real Podcast

Board of Supervisors Chairman Curt Hagman – Fourth District Office

On the Record Video Series: Countering COVID-19 Myths – Chairman and 4th District Supervisor Curt Hagman’s Office, Public Health, Arrowhead Regional Medical Center, County Administrative Office

Children and Family Services

A Collaborative Initiative for Supervising Foster Care Children - Children and Family Services and Preschool Services

Child and Family Team (CFT) Surveys

Children Awaiting Placement Project Management Team

Isolation Quarantine Shelter (IQS) for Children/Youth - Children and Family Services, Department of Behavioral Health, Public Health, Office of Emergency Services, Human Services

Children’s Network

ACEs Resources: Strengthening Children, Families and Communities

Child Support Services

Marketing Campaign     


Code Enforcement

San Bernardino County Code Enforcement Cannabis Program

Using GIS Technology to Streamline Efforts to Respond to Illegal Dumping - Code Enforcement, Innovation and Technology Department                                                                              

County Museum

Co-Creating a Land Acknowledgment at the San Bernardino County Museum

Here Comes the Sun: Solar Science and Spirituality

Inspired by Nature - Why Preservation Matters in Our Modern World

Military in the Mojave: An Enduring Legacy of Service in the High Desert

District Attorney                                             

STAR:TNG Defense Attorney Portal                                                                         

STAR:TNG District Attorney Case Management System                                                  

Peer Program for Prosecutors   


Library Mobile Application                                                                                                                          

Outstanding Service Award                                                                                                                         

X-11 and Self-Service Enhancements

Preschool Services

Family Child Care Coaches & Partnering with First 5 San Bernardino - Preschool Services and First 5 San Bernardino               


Video and Media Tracking System - Probation and Innovation and Technology Department 

Public Defender

Mental Health Diversion ("MHD") - Public Defender and Department of Behavioral Health

Probation Training - Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children: Harm Reduction   Fundamentals when Engaging Youth With Complex Trauma - Public Defender and Children’s Network

Public Health

Automating Vaccination Data for COVID-19 Dashboards

COVID-19 Ambassador Program

COVID-19 Call Center

COVID-19 Community-based organization (CBO) Collaborative

COVID-19 Over-the-Counter Antigen Testing Program

COVID-19 Over-the-Counter (OTC) Partnership Program- Direct Equity Partnership Outreach Initiative

COVID-19 Recovery Calls

COVID-19 Roadrunners Courier Program               

COVID-19 School Response Efforts (School Task Force Team)

COVID-19 School Vaccination Events

COVID-19 Skilled Nursing Facilities Initiative

COVID-19 Vaccination Faith-based Partnership

COVID-19 Vaccine-Therapeutics Distribution, Allocation, Appointments Program (DAAT)

COVID-19 Volunteer Management Program        

COVID-19 Website

COVID-19 Workforce Development (CCTP)          

Health Data Interoperability – A Health Center Journey from Traditional to Smart Operations

Improve residents’ physical and/or behavioral health, including rough promoting healthy living and delivering health services (Bridge Program)

Improving Care Coordination with Real-Time Patient Encounter Notifications

Incorporating Literacy – Focused Strategies into Nutrition/Health Education

Project ReNEW

San Bernardino County COVID College (Training Program) - Public Health and Office of Emergency Services           

San Bernardino County COVID-19 Mobile Clinics Collaborative                    

Spark Survey: Encouraging Open and Transparent Communication from Employees

The San Bernardino County Initiated Quad County Nutrition Action Partnership (CNAP) School Meals Access Collaborative: Supporting School Meals Access During COVID-19

Unhoused COVID-19 Vaccination Initiative  - Public Health and Department of Behavioral Health

Vaccine Hesitancy Outreach

WIC – Cisco Jabber Windows Softphone Deployment

Public Works

El Dorado Fire Post-Fire Task Force          

Traffic Cabinet Improvements 

Real Estate Services

Public/Private Partnership Deal - Real Estate Services, County Administrative Office, Regional Parks, Land Use, County Counsel                               

Regional Parks

California Days at Calico Ghost Town Regional Parks                        

Registrar of Voters

Polls Ballot Ordering System                      

Sheriff’s Department

Community Service & Reentry Division, Interactive Multimedia Platform

Transitional Assistance Department

Medi-Cal Health Navigators Program

TAD/Public Health CalFresh Targeted Outreach – Transitional Assistance Department and Public Health  

Workforce Development

Employer Toolkit

Prison to Employment Initiative