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About Child Welfare In the News


History, scope, and purpose of Child Welfare In the News:

Since 2011, Child Welfare in the News (CWN) has helped professionals in child welfare and related fields stay up to date on current news and perspectives on key child welfare-related topics, including child abuse and neglect, foster care and adoption, and prevention, as well as intersecting topics such as housing, mental health, juvenile justice, and more.

CWN is an email subscription service that provides a daily collection of news stories from across the country and around the world. The selected news stories present a snapshot of current news and events. Inclusion does not imply endorsement of any view expressed in a story and may not reflect the opinions of Child Welfare Information Gateway, the Children's Bureau, or either organization’s staff.

Note that CWN editors do not act as news editors for included news stories and are not responsible for verifying facts, statistics or truth claims within individual news stories or publications. Individuals or organizational bodies disputing content contained within these news stories or publications are advised to contact related authors and/or publishers directly; or, to publish an alternate viewpoint in another news article or publication, which can be reviewed for inclusion in a subsequent issue of Child Welfare in the News.

Child Welfare in the News is distributed at no charge by Child Welfare Information Gateway as a service of the Children's Bureau/ACF/HHS.


Frequently Asked Questions/Concerns


How do you determine which stories to include in CWN?

CWN is produced by the librarians at Child Welfare Information Gateway who use their expertise to identify and select relevant articles from reliable, accurate sources. 


An article has made a false claim or has published inaccurate information. What can I do? 

CWN editors do not have the capacity or the ability to proofread and/or edit published news stories. This is the responsibility of individual news publishers and is handled via publication corrections at the publisher level.

To dispute false information or to report a concern, contact the publisher and/or author of the inaccurate information and request that a correction be published in that source, which we can review for potential CWN inclusion.



Contact Us 

We are always eager to receive your feedback or to know how you are using Child Welfare in the News. To comment on this service, contact cwn@childwelfare.gov.