Consider where to plant

There are lots of things to consider when planting trees. Depending on the size of the planting scheme this could include archaeological checks. The Woodland Trust has a where to plant guide which will help you.

In England, you do not need planning permission to plant trees on a site under two hectares and in a low-risk area. The Forestry Commission has a map with lots of information on low-risk areas for tree planting and woodland creation.

Habitat creation or restoration

Don’t just plant trees anywhere. Use your tree planting to help connect and restore woodlands that have been crushed and isolated by human activity. Restoring hedgerows and hedgerow trees can provide vital wildlife corridors where woodland planting is less suitable.

The Worcestershire Habitat Inventory has information highlighting where it may be better to restore or create Wychavon’s other distinctive habitats. You can use this to help pick the best areas to plant trees or maybe you would like to create a different kind of habitat instead of a woodland to mark the jubilee.

Tree species and landscape character

You need to consider the size and shape of your proposed tree planting scheme, particularly if on a large site and the species of trees you will plant so they are in keeping with the existing environment. Read the Worcestershire Woodland Guidelines for more information about planting the right tree in the right place.

Government mapping system

The Government mapping system MAGIC provides links to sites of historic and environmental interest. Visit to find out more.

Need more advice?

If you would like more advice on what to plant and where then please contact our Wildlife Sites Project Officer Liz Etheridge, who will be happy to have an informal chat with you.

You can contact her at