Dental Laboratory Registration


Did you know that a dental laboratory registration was created during the 2019 legislative session? The registration set educational standards and established disclosure requirements for dental laboratories doing business in Washington. If your office works with an off-site dental laboratory, you should receive additional information about the origin of manufacture for the dental prosthesis, as well as material disclosure and identifying information about the dental laboratory. These requirements can be found in RCW 70.352. If you do not receive this additional information with every completed dental prosthetic appliance, please have the dental laboratory email Bruce Bronoske, Jr. Dental Laboratory Program Manager, for guidance in obtaining a registration and instructions on how to come into compliance with the new dental laboratory laws.


The dental laboratory registration is not required for dental laboratories operating under the supervision of a practicing dentist as a part of a dental practice, as long as the laboratory is not performing work pursuant to work orders originating from outside of the dental practice RCW 70.352.020(3).