How to Renew Your License, Certification, or Registration!


You must renew your license, certification, or registration annually on or before your birthdate. Do not let your credential expire; make sure the Department of Health receives your renewal before your license expires. It is a violation of the law to practice without a current license and you may be subject to disciplinary action. A timely postmark on your renewal will not prevent an expired credential. Renewals sent by mail take about two weeks to process. Online renewals update immediately but must be completed prior to midnight on your expiration date.

 1. Access the Department of Health webpage to renew online.


 2. Use this QR code to access online renewal.



3. Mail your renewal payment with continuing education attestation when required up to 90 days before your birthdate to Washington State Department of Health, PO Box 1099, Olympia, WA 98507.


Top Five Tips For Helping You Remember To Renew Your License

1. Put a reminder on your office calendar, dental schedule, Google calendar, Android calendar, or iPhone calendar three months before your birthday. Repeat annually.

2. Make a “Renew My License” phone alarm that repeats annually one month before your birthday.

3. Promise the staff a pizza lunch when your new license arrives on time.

4. Call the office now and leave this message: “Hi, my name is Howard. Renew my license. The doctor said I could have an appointment after the last patient three weeks before his birthday.”

5. Tell your sassy teenager to not remind you about your license being due on your birthday.


Need to check the status of your license, certification, or registration? Look yourself up on Provider Credential Search!