The commission allows one hour of continuing education for reading this newsletter! To qualify, please take the quiz below. Keep the completed quiz with your other continuing education certificates of completion. 

If you are audited, provide the quiz along with your other proof of continuing education and you will receive one hour of continuing education under WAC 246-817-440(4)(b).  You are allowed 30 minutes for every hour of self-study continuing education.  Completing this quiz will be counted as 30 minutes toward your continuing education requirements. 


1. Dental licenses must be renewed each year by:

a. January 31

b. December 31

c. The licensee’s birthdate

d. The anniversary date of initial licensure


2. If your office works with an off-site dental laboratory, you should receive additional information about the following, except?

a. Number of staff working at the dental laboratory

b. The origin of manufacture for the dental prosthesis

c. Material disclosure

d. Identifying information about the dental laboratory


3. True or false: The dental laboratory registration is not required for dental laboratories operating under the supervision of a practicing dentist as a part of a dental practice, as long as the laboratory is not performing work pursuant to work orders originating from outside of the dental practice RCW 70.352.020(3).

a. True

b. False


4. The implementation date for the new e-prescribing rules has been postponed until:

a. September 2021

b. December 2021

c. January 2022

d. March 2022




The answers for the March 2021 Continuing Education quiz are:

B               2. D               3. A               4. C