Participate in Rulemaking


The Dental Quality Assurance Commission (commission) amends or creates new rules for public safety in dentistry. Please visit our rules in progress web page to see all the dental rules currently being considered.

A Revised Code of Washington (RCW) is a law setting a standard and is established through our state legislature.

A Washington Administrative Code (WAC) is a rule that further defines an RCW and can be changed by a regulatory authority.

Rulemaking is a lengthy process due to requirements that must be followed under chapter 34.05 RCW.  There are three main stages in rulemaking:

  1. CR101 – Preproposal – this is filed before the commission may begin officially drafting new rules or amendments to existing rules.
  2. CR102 – Proposal – this is filed to set a formal hearing date to consider adoption of the new or amended rule.
  3. CR103 – Final – this is filed to finalize the commission’s adoption of a rule and to set an effective date of new or amended rule.

Several activities take place between each of the above rulemaking stages:

Public participation is the most important activity in the rulemaking process. Public comments and input should happen prior to the CR102 being filed. The commission uses its knowledge and experience when drafting rules. However, it needs dental professionals to share their knowledge and experience to assist in drafting rules that make sense for the dental community and to provide patient protection.

RCW 18.32.002 states in part “Rules, policies, and procedures developed by the commission must promote the delivery of quality health care to the residents of the state.”

Rules currently being drafted are on our rules in progress web page. To receive updates on dental rulemaking, join our GovDelivery interested parties email list. Please email Jennifer Santiago at or for copies of proposed rules or to provide any comment on proposed rules.