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A Message from Mayor Birney: 
2021-2022 Budgeting by Priorities Update

As I prepare to present the City Council with the proposed 2021-2022 budget on October 6, the City continues to navigate the COVID-19 pandemic and the unprecedented challenges the Redmond community and organization are facing. Guided by the feedback that we have gathered from you through our Civic results team, our community stakeholders, online and direct mail questionnaires, and a budget hearing, the proposed budget includes reallocations and preliminary reductions. These are based on identifying programs impacted by the pandemic, declining revenues, and reprioritizations of organizational and community needs.

The proposed budget includes:

  • A focus on recovery challenges, efficiencies, opportunities, and resources to help residents and businesses succeed and strategies to revive crucial programs and services.
  • Continued long-term management and continuity of vision, which will allow us to maintain our core services.
  • Reallocation of a vacant police officer position to fund a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Manager to support the vision that all Redmond community members can fully and effectively access services, influence city policy, and direction, and feel a sense of belonging.
  • Continued focus on maintaining what we have by fully funding maintenance activities or finding new and better ways of doing business, such as asphalt repair and crack sealing.
  • Emphasis on safety programs through the addition of a Signal Technician to promote traffic mobility and reliability of our traffic systems.
  • Reallocation of staff to continue environmental sustainability efforts and focus on the Environmental Sustainability Plan.
  • Additional focus on our most vulnerable populations by investing in the human services strategic plan.
  • Funding for critical infrastructure projects such as those needed to get ready for light rail, building rehabilitation, and utility system enhancements.

In addition to the reductions we took earlier this year, we are facing an estimated additional $21.6 million-dollar shortfall in the general, utilities, and recreational funds affected by the inability to hold in-person programs and events. If Council approves the proposed budget as presented, a total of 21.63 City staff positions may be eliminated effective December 31, 2020, after Council’s final budget determination anticipated on December 1, 2020. Of the 21.63 positions proposed for elimination, 14.63 are currently filled. As the City continues to recover from this economic crisis, there may be opportunities to revive crucial programs and services that will allow us to recall some of these employees.

Although these decisions are preliminary and not easy to make, the City must move forward in these uncertain times with a balanced budget.

I look forward to presenting the proposed 2021-2022 budget to Council on October 6, and I hope the community will continue to participate by joining us for the final two Public Hearings on Tuesday, October 20, and Tuesday, November 23, to share your priorities for the Redmond community.

- Mayor Angela Birney