Traffic Signal Work Starting April 22 at Highland Park Way SW & SW Holden St

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Final Steps to Complete the Permanent Traffic Signal at Highland Park Way SW & SW Holden St Begin April 22 

Highland Park Way Southwest and Southwest Holden St intersection with the locations of new traffic signal heads, cameras, loops, and crosswalk buttons

We are on the final stretch of construction for the permanent traffic signal at the intersection of Highland Park Way SW and SW Holden St. Over the next few weeks, we will attach the traffic signal heads to the metal mast arms so they are no longer hanging from a wire as pictured above.

After that, we will hang traffic cameras to monitor and adjust the signal in real-time and install traffic loops in the pavement on all four sides of the intersection so the signal can recognize when a person driving is waiting at the light. We will also activate the crosswalk button on the sidewalk, so people can request a signal change when they need to walk across the street.

All of these steps will improve traffic signal timing for people who are driving, while providing signalized crossings for people who are walking. 


This work is scheduled from April 22 - May 10, though that could shift based on weather and crew availability. Our work hours are from 7 AM – 4 PM. 

What to Expect

Alternating traffic lanes will be closed during some of this work, but there will always be one lane open for cars to get through. There will also be temporary sidewalk closures and detour routes for people walking. This is not particularly noisy work, but if you live or work in the area, you may hear construction equipment running and some beeping when crews back up equipment.  

Map of the project area highlighting where the work will be done at the intersection of Highland Park Way SW and SW Holden St

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This project is funded by the 2015 voter-approved Levy to Move Seattle.

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