West Seattle Bridge Program Weekly Update: Friday, April 15, 2022

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West Seattle Bridge Weekly Update  

High bridge repair: Pier core drilling complete; structural concrete pouring this weekend

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This weekend, we'll begin pouring structural concrete on the bridge. We completed the final core drills through the bridge’s pier structures this week, which is a major milestone to be ready for future post-tensioning. The next step is to finish installing forms for blocks and anchors that will secure the post-tensioned cables. We’re planning the first structural concrete pour for the post-tensioning system on Saturday.  

We’ll continue to keep you informed as concrete pours progress, moving us closer to post-tensioning the bridge for added strength, followed by a final round of epoxy injections and carbon-fiber wrapping, and then testing and preparing the bridge to reopen.

Aligning the core drill on the bridge’s pier structure.

Aligning the core drill on the bridge’s pier structure.

As we continue our maintenance work on the West Seattle Bridge, we poured concrete for more expansion joints this week. We also made more progress in our carbon-fiber wrapping of the bridge’s exterior as we moved to the east span work platforms and began applying sheets of carbon-fiber to the concrete girders. 

Installing a flashing crosswalk beacon on 45th Ave SW and SW Admiral Way this weekend

On Saturday, we’ll be installing a flashing crosswalk beacon on 45th Ave SW and SW Admiral Way to make it safer for people walking, biking, and rolling to cross the intersection. The flashing crosswalk beacon, shown in the photo below, gives a flashing warning to people driving when someone is in or about to enter a crosswalk.

A flashing crosswalk beacon installed at a crosswalk.

A flashing crosswalk beacon installed at a crosswalk.

We’ll begin this work as early as 7 AM and expect to conclude by 5 PM. We anticipate minimal traffic impacts, but we will need to use the parking lanes to complete this work. Please navigate the area with caution during this work. 

Upcoming WSDOT work: Two-week closure of S Spokane St on-ramp to northbound SR-99

The S Spokane St on-ramp to northbound SR-99 will be closed for two weeks starting at 6 AM on Monday, April 18 while Washington State Department of Transportation crews repair a hole in the pavement. People driving will need to find alternate routes. 

Location graphic courtesy of WSDOT.

Location graphic courtesy of WSDOT.

Learn more about this work on WSDOT’s blog post. 

Question of the week: What is epoxy crack injection and carbon-fiber wrapping?

In case you missed it, we shared a West Seattle Bridge repair methods video on epoxy crack injection and carbon-fiber wrapping. Take a deep dive into the repair process by watching our latest video, which highlights two of the most critical repair methods that we are using to strengthen the bridge. 

screenshot of wsb video

Visit our YouTube page to view all our past West Seattle Bridge videos and subscribe to be notified for future videos.  

Other news to know

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