Press Release: Redmond Pool Improvements to Be Complete in January

Press Release

Redmond Pool Improvements to Be Complete in January

November 16, 2020

Lisa Maher
Communications & Marketing Manager

REDMOND, WA - Construction of the Redmond Pool, which has been closed for renovation since June 2019, is expected to be complete in January 2021. The pool project was anticipated to be finalized in November 2020, but delivery delays on materials slightly postponed the opening.

The Redmond Pool is in the second phase of a two-phase improvement project. Phase 2 improvements include new pool decking, lobby and locker room upgrades, updated fixtures, and ADA improvements. Significant progress has been made on this project, including the installation of new mechanical and electrical systems, air handling units, boiler systems, roof, and windows during Phase 1. The project advanced into Phase 2 in July 2020, with the demolition of the locker and lobby rooms, installation of new utilities and flooring, replacement of pool deck drains and lines, and a new bulkhead.

City Council approved the Redmond Pool project during the City’s 2019-2020 budget process. The project is largely funded by the City’s Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) and a $1 million grant from the State of Washington. In addition, the City’s operating partner, Wave Aquatics, pledged to contribute $100,000 to the renovation project and has covered the utility costs of $78,000, while the building was under construction. Wave Aquatics has been contracted by the City to operate the Redmond Pool since 2010 when ownership of the building was transferred to the City from King County.

“Wave Aquatics has been an outstanding partner for the City,” says Mayor Angela Birney. “The City and Wave Aquatics have a shared vision to maintain a local pool that can be enjoyed by the entire Redmond community. Together, we look forward to reopening this valued space.”

The Redmond Pool served 100,000 visitors annually, before closing in June 2019 for improvements. The City continues to work with Wave Aquatics on an official reopening date, which will be available soon. For more information on this project, please visit

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