PRESS RELEASE: Redmond Pool to Begin Phase 2 Improvements

Press Release

Redmond Pool to Begin Phase 2 Improvements

June 22, 2020

Lisa Maher, Communications Manager

Redmond, WA – The Redmond Pool is set to receive Phase 2 improvements as part of a two-phase Pool Improvement project approved by City Council during the 2019-2020 budget process. Pool repairs and improvements outlined in Phase 1 are nearing completion, and include new mechanical systems, air handling units, boiler systems, electrical, roof and windows, and improved circulation.

On May 18, 2020, City Council approved the award of bid to Klinge and Associates and approved the supplemental agreement with ARC for additional design and construction support to begin Phase 2 improvements. The Phase 2 improvements will include new pool decking, lobby and locker room upgrades, and Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) improvements. The Redmond Pool will remain closed for the duration of Phase 2, which is scheduled to be complete in fall 2020.

“Redmond community centers are spaces where our residents and visitors can feel welcome, healthy, safe, and included,” said Redmond Mayor Angela Birney. “The community identified aquatics as its top priority for community center improvements. Moving forward with Phase 2 of the Pool Improvement project is critical to the future use of the pool as an essential community space and will be enjoyed by residents of all ages for years to come.”

The Redmond Pool closed in June 2019 to begin Phase 1 improvements and was expected to reopen in fall 2019 before starting Phase 2 improvements this summer. In October 2019, contractors discovered the concrete substructure of the pool was compromised. The Pool remained closed to complete a three-month repair of the damaged concrete and continue with Phase 1 improvements. The City contracts with Wave Aquatics to operate the pool, which serves over 100,000 visitors annually, including many high school swim teams.

“We recognize the impact the closure of this pool has on our community,” said Redmond Parks and Recreation Director Carrie Hite. “We look forward to moving this project forward and reopening in the fall so our community can enjoy this community space once again.”

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