PRESS RELEASE: Redmond Pool Improvement Project - Timeline Changes

Press Release

Redmond Pool Improvement Project— Timeline Changes

November 12, 2019

Lisa Maher
Communications & Marketing Manager

Redmond, WA – The Redmond Pool is currently in the first phase of essential improvements which include new mechanical and electrical systems, air handling units, boiler systems, roof and windows, and improved circulation. These improvements will result in better air and water quality, energy efficiencies and operational savings. Phase 2 includes locker room and lobby improvements, pool deck re-surfacing and ADA improvements.

Recently contractors discovered a previously unknown condition. The substructure of the pool is compromised; there are areas where concrete has deteriorated leaving aggregate and rusting rebar behind. The damage extends sporadically from approximately 1’ to 5’ off the bottom of the pool’s deep end. This unexpected repair will take approximately three months to correct the substructure and complete the pool lining. To accommodate this unexpected delay, the Redmond Pool will not open in November as previously scheduled and will remain closed to complete both Phase 1 and 2. The pool is expected to re-open in fall of 2020. “This timeline allows us to accelerate Phase 2 to begin in May, ultimately completing the full renovation earlier than expected,” stated Parks Director, Carrie Hite. 

After 47 years, Redmond Pool’s systems outlived their useful life, and improvements to the pool were necessary and critical to the future use of the pool as a community space. In 2018, the City Council approved $8 million dollars in pool improvements to preserve the facility and maintain service for another 25-30 years.

While the City of Redmond completes pool improvements, please visit the WAVE Aquatics website for information about open swim, lessons or aquatics services at other pools. For community feedback results on pool amenities, design, and functionality for Phase 2 improvements and project updates visit

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