PRESS RELEASE: Redmond Police Department Clarifies Misinformation

Press Release

Redmond Police Department Clarifies Misinformation

January 23, 2019

Lisa Maher, Communications & Marketing Manager 

Redmond, WA – The City of Redmond Police department has received numerous inquiries regarding an arrest of a 20-year-old male made on Wednesday, January 16, at approximately 4:40 p.m., by two Redmond Police Department Bike Officers. Officers observed a jaywalking violation at the 16100 block of NE 83, in Downtown Redmond, and attempted to contact the subject to issue a warning or possibly a citation. The subject made eye contact with the officers, then continued to skateboard away from them. The officers followed and continued to shout “Stop” and “Police!” at the male. When they caught up to the male, he continued to be uncooperative and was placed under arrest for Obstructing a Law Enforcement Officer. The 20-year-old male was found to be in possession of marijuana, psilocybin mushrooms, a ledger, and more than five-hundred dollars in cash. The drugs, money, and ledger were booked into evidence. The drug offenses are being investigated, and the suspected drugs were submitted for lab testing.

The Redmond Bike Team officers regularly patrol the downtown area of Redmond, enforcing traffic and pedestrian violations and responding to calls for service. The City takes any complaints against our officers seriously. We have reviewed the video that has been posted online, investigated the arrest, and have found no wrongdoing by the arresting officers. The Redmond Police Department does not arrest people in Redmond for jaywalking, but does arrest individuals who are obstructing.

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